Black Desert gives away a crafting hammer for easier item enhancement to PC and console players


Can there be an “I win” button for item enhancement? There is one now available for a limited time in the PC and console versions of Black Desert thanks to a new event that hands certain players a hammer item that will stop a particular pain point when attempting to enhance accessories.

J’s Hammer of Precision is a consumable item that will guarantee an accessory’s level won’t drop and that it won’t be destroyed if enhancement fails. A single one of these special hammers is being handed out to players for free provided they have a total of 200 hours of playtime on their account, have cleared one of two specific quests, and have a character at level 61 or higher.

In addition, more hammers can be bought and sold on the marketplace, though its market value runs in the billions of silver, making this “I win” button either very expensive to get again or a way for players to get very rich, depending on what they do with their hammer, so long as they claim it before November 27th.

As for other new things to do in BDO, this week’s PC patch applies class fixes, makes bartering for a carrack ship a little easier, and makes adjustments to young sea monsters. The latest patch for console, meanwhile, introduces artifacts and lightstones, applies its own suite of class fixes, and lets players decorate their space with horrific-looking new statues.

sources: press release, BDO PC site (1, 2), BDO Console site
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