For Science: Crit-Rate is another survey-driven attempt to match gamer personalities to games

I have to admit I almost deleted the press release for this story without reading it, but my finger twitched, and let me tell...

The Other World is a multiplayer action survival RPG promising an evolving land of lore instead of story

It's time to once more delve into the fanciful, big promise-delivering world of crowdfunded multiplayer and MMO games. Today we've been directed at The...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 414: EverQuesting on and on

Justin and Bree discuss Diablo IV, World of Warcraft, SWG Legends, Destiny 2, Star Citizen, EverQuest, LOTRO, and Elder Scrolls Online, with mailbag topics on extreme MMO zones and puzzles in MMOs.

The Daily Grind: Do you still craft in MMOs where crafting is pointless?

I could swap out the words "craft" and "crafting" in the question in today's Daily Grind topic and I think the same point would...
Now we're gundagood.

Lord of the Rings Online talks crafting vocations, recipes, and guild rep decay

Lord of the Rings Online crafters, listen up, all two of you! OK, three of you if I count myself! I kid, I kid,...

Albion Online’s new video walks through the sandbox journey from zero to hero

As the preorder headstart for Albion Online's Albion East server continues this weekend before the free-to-play launch, Sandbox Interactive is very much aware that...

Conan Exiles releases third and final chapter of Age of Sorcery as Funcom turns 30

Happy patch day for Conan Exiles, as Funcom rolls out chapter three of the Age of Sorcery arc to PC and console today. The...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.35 content is a mixed bag

So the patch is here! It brought a whole bunch of content! And the content is... actually kind of a mixed bag, if I'm...

The Stream Team: Going back into New World for more leveling and hunting

MOP's Chris is once again feeding his need for New World. It's another generally aimless jaunt through the game as he looks to earn...

LOTRO Legendarium: 17 groovy places to visit in LOTRO’s Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith: The White City and the bane of server-side lag. The place of a thousand side quests and of a thousand-and-one times that...

The Stream Team: AdventureQuest 3D swordmaking

Among the many things Massively OP's MJ still has on her AQ3D task list is crafting certain swords with blacksmith-turned-bartender Yulgar. And now he...

Dauntless begins Gauntlet Season 3, raises banked weapon XP, and reruns the Silver Sword quest

Regular followers of our Dauntless coverage were already familiar with several of the multiplayer RPG's upcoming features, but now Slayers can actually experience many...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Swordsman X Survival, Legend of Lunia, and X8

Welcome back to MassivelyOP's random and recurring roundup of a few MMOs you've never heard of! Maybe you've heard of some of them. You're...

Bellatores sounds like a full-scale Korean PvP sandbox MMORPG, now aiming for 2024

A year ago, we covered a brand-new MMORPG from Korean dev Nyou called Bellatores, an Unreal Engine title revolving around big-scale progression, PvE, and...

Trove’s St Patrick’s Day – sorry, St Qubeslick – event has returned through March 20

Here it is, folks: the very first MMORPG St Patrick's Day event of the 2023 season, and it happens to be in Gamigo's MMORPG...

Diablo Immortal is launching several events, optimizing its armory, and bringing a pirate-filled battle pass

Diablo Immortal is about to launch another update this week that's full of events new and old, another battle pass season, and some adjustments...
That elephant won't bedazzle itself.

Final Fantasy XIV adds a new Deep Dungeon, new tribal quests, and new weapon enhancements with patch 6.35

Saddle up, Warrior of Light, it's time for moon antics in Final Fantasy XIV. Moon antics, as we all know, are antics you get...

Blizzard commissioned artists to paint an entire chapel with Diablo IV’s gothic art

Blizzard is chugging along the train tracks to Diablo IV's beta this month with a drop of several new trailers and a new AMA...

Ashfall provides a brief peek at its crafting system and some of the high-level items players can make

The NetEase post-apoc MMO shooter Ashfall is back once more with another quickie dev blog that's all about crafting. Or at least a short...

Torchlight Infinite admits its Blacksail season ‘wasn’t as good as expected’ and outlines tweaks for future seasons

If you were among those players of Torchlight Infinite who found the ARPG's second season to be a little lackluster, perhaps you'll be mollified...