The Quinfall previews maritime activities and trading ahead of today’s second closed beta


You’ve signed up. You’ve been selected. You thought it was happening on June 22nd but that was delayed. Now the time is here, as Quinfall has officially kicked off its second closed beta test today, July 9th, for those who were tapped to try things out.

Alongside the start of this new testing round, Vawraek Technologies offered yet another preview video that focuses on several maritime activities that players will be able to take up, including buying trade bundles and selling them off at other ports, naval combat, and even some customization in the form of furniture placement much like the MMORPG’s housing. Of course, there are weapons players can purchase for their boat like cannons, which can either be fired automatically or manned by individuals for more accurate shots.

The video also grants a few additional looks at what’s in-game such as an auction board, job boards that players can pluck tasks from, and a lifeskill UI that features gathering, crafting, and trading professions including boat merchant or pirate. All of it can be previewed thanks to the footage below.

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