The Quinfall will let you dress up your horse and have a hornet for a pet

Gameplay videos are continuing to spill out from Quinfall, this time granting curious players a look at the current pet and mount systems that...

The Quinfall drops new gameplay overview videos, closes CBT applications April 10

The Quinfall, aka the MMORPG with the loftiest aspirations yet, is in a show and tell mood recently, as the game's YouTube channel has...

The Quinfall begins taking names for its second closed beta test, reaffirms it will have no NDA

The Quinfall has been courting controversy ever since it was first announced, with grandiose claims that caused gamers to be immediately suspicious, statements about...

The Quinfall shows off a couple of its melee fighting styles

With more communication from its developer and gameplay videos coming out, The Quinfall may be taking steps to hike out of a pit of...

The Quinfall discusses its business model, gameplay, and beta testing plans in Q&A video

Vawraek Technology has posted a new video for its upcoming MMORPG The Quinfall featuring some player Q&A about the title, and the answers provided...

The Quinfall studio Vawraek defends its use of AI and ‘ready-made assets’

Some days we live for drama and popcorn, and today we're all out of freshly-popped kernels. So we'll turn our attention to The Quinfall,...
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‘Open betas will be paid,’ The Quinfall declares amid fraud allegations

In the wake of a persistent hum of skepticism about The Quinfall, Turkish MMO studio Vawraek has posted more confusing information about its upcoming...

Players cast doubts about The Quinfall’s claims as studio reaffirms January 30 closed beta date

Following the absolute oil fire that was The Day Before, gamers are becoming more and more skeptical of large promises being made by The...

End-of-Year Eleven: All the upcoming MMOs to watch in 2024 and beyond

We've said it before, but this time we really mean it: The future of MMORPGs looks amazing. Contrary to years when we've seen only...

Turkish sandbox MMO Quinfall delays closed beta to January 2024

We've been keeping an eye on The Quinfall - the self-described "biggest MMORPG universe in the world" - since its debut earlier this year,...

Upcoming MMO The Quinfall reveals four of its classes plus character creator

While we wouldn't want you to get your hopes up that you'll be part of The Quinfall's vaunted player-testing team -- if, indeed, that...

The Quinfall says its putting together an all-player testing team

If big, audacious initial announcements were all it took to send an MMORPG soaring to success, then The Quinfall might be the most popular...
so does anyone want to hang out

The Quinfall won’t talk about its time travel, but it’s hoping for closed beta by the end of 2023

Earlier this year, we reported on a promising new Turkish sandbox MMO named The Quinfall that boasted a massive world, a classless system, player-run...

In-development MMO Quinfall floods Twitter with preview images and gameplay video

Ever since the Turkish MMO studio Vawraek Technology made its daring declaration of making "the biggest MMORPG universe in the world" in Quinfall (while...
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Massively OP Podcast Episode 408: FFXIV on one side, mods on the other

Justin and Bree discuss Final Fantasy XIV's great mode debate, WoW's trading post issues, NCsoft's layoffs, Square's and Blizzard's financials, The Crew 3, Quinfall, and Elder Scrolls Online, with adventures in LOTRO and SWG Legends, plus a mailbag topic on MMO beards.
Darn it, Quin.

Betawatch: Quinfall plans a big dang world, not player funding

Quinfall is a new MMORPG on the way that either has a big issue with the number five or people named Quin, which may...

New Turkish MMO Quinfall says it won’t seek player money before launch

On Monday, we inadvertently set off a bit of a firestorm by reporting on new Turkish MMORPG The Quinfall, which studio Vawraek Technology said...

Quinfall claims it’ll be ‘the biggest MMORPG universe in the world’

Don't look now, but there's a brand-new player on the MMORPG board. Welcome Turkey-based Vawraek Technology, which was founded in 2021 and is apparently...