The Quinfall will let you dress up your horse and have a hornet for a pet


Gameplay videos are continuing to spill out from Quinfall, this time granting curious players a look at the current pet and mount systems that will be in the MMORPG.

The footage begins with a peek at some of the many pets that players can have run alongside them, from expected critters like dogs, cats, and birds to more exotic varieties such as deer, floating skulls, kangaroo rats that have luminous tails, and hornets. We’re going to assume anyone who has a hornet for a pet is a monster because hornets are the living embodiment of hate.

Pets appear to only have the ability to collect dropped loot right now, but there are a couple of systems in play with the game’s current build, including the requirement to keep a pet fed and the ability to evolve pets by combining lower-tier critters.

The video then goes over some of the mount mechanics. It looks as if horses are the only mounts in-game; they can be tamed out in the wild with the use of a lasso item and the successful completion of a minigame. Once a horse is obtained, its stats can be improved by equipping items like saddles, horseshoes, and stirrups, while breeding of horses is possible in order to create a more robust mount. Finally, the video shows off several horse costumes that are available.

Meanwhile, fans who met the signup deadline for closed beta are now being instructed to keep their eyes on their email inboxes, as Vawraek Technologies is beginning the process of selecting participants. This announcement once again doesn’t give a date for CBT, but it does note that selection will take “several days.”

sources: YouTube, Discord
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