The Quinfall drops new gameplay overview videos, closes CBT applications April 10


The Quinfall, aka the MMORPG with the loftiest aspirations yet, is in a show and tell mood recently, as the game’s YouTube channel has come alive with a pair of preview videos that provide some of the latest peeks at several gameplay systems from within the title itself. All without narration, which is either welcome or jarring, depending on one’s point of view.

The first video goes over clan land and associated building systems, which involve clan leaders leasing specified parcels of land, gathering materials, and placing down building pieces, followed by a bit of decoration. The video also grants a quick peek at the formation of a clan and clan features such as shared storage and custom flags.

The second video starts from the very beginning of life in Quinfall as it provides a look at character creation and the MMO’s initial tutorial, which ends with a menu screen that lets players choose their preferred starting biome and character bonus. The footage also shows off the house rental system, some more decoration, and a bit of basic crafting.

Tangentially, the second closed beta test that opened applications in March has now confirmed an end date of April 10th, so those who are looking to add their names to the pool now have a deadline, though nobody has a time frame for testing to start yet.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), Twitter
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