Elder Scrolls Online kicks off freebie Gold Road prologue quest and free-play event

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As Elder Scrolls Online turns 10 years old, ZeniMax Online Studios is rolling out the red carpet for both new and old players.

For starters, as of today, the Gold Road prologue quest is now available for all players, regardless of whether or not they’ve actually preordered the Gold Road expanshachapter due out in June. Players need only head to the in-game cash shop and snag the freebie starter quest, Prisoner of Fate, which ties in to the main plot in Gold Road – and nabs you a mudcrab minipet.

“In this new quest, you will join forces with Leramil the Wise, an agent of Hermaeus Mora, to track down the enigmatic Torvesard who draws ever closer to locating his master, the Forgotten Prince Ithelia. In this adventure, you will uncover long-hidden secrets related to the return of this all-powerful Daedric Prince—secrets that could spell disaster for Tamriel and Oblivion alike.”

And in case you don’t already own the game, you can take advantage of the free-play event through April 9th, which allows you to access to the current base game.

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