Fallout 76 reruns the Mothman event and offers a level 20 loadout guide


The Mothman cometh once again to the wasteland of Fallout 76. It’s time yet again for the Mothman Equinox event, which lets players help cultists summon an ambulatory moth cryptid to the forests of Appalachia. Which sounds like a really bad idea on the face of it, but how else are players expected to get cute in-game plushies?

Just as in years before, the Mothman Equinox will task players with protecting ritual pyres from aggressive cultists and Dim Ones to earn several Mothman-themed plans, including plushies themed after the Mothman himself and an enlightened cultist, a chainsaw paint job, and some cosmetic gear. The event runs from now until April 16th.

In other FO76 news, Bethsoft is handing out some freebies for subscribers like a pet lizard terrarium, and the studio is helping newbies out by offering some level 20 loadout suggestions for those who elect to start the game with a battle-ready dweller as opposed to a level two character.

source: official site (1, 2, 3), thanks to Mikey for the tip!
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