See: TheFallout series on Wikipedia. MMO players will forever be waiting for Fallout Online, we suspect.

This may just be bad.

Old School RuneScape launches and then immediately rolls back its Leagues III event

Today was the much-vaunted launch of Old School RuneScape's Leagues III event, a seasonal progression event in which players are challenged to take on the...
Online, fine.

DC Universe Online permanently bans ‘egregious’ exploiters and removes exploited XP gains

In mid-December of last year, DC Universe Online had outlined actions taken against exploiters of a bug that landed with Update 119, indefinitely suspending...

Fallout 76 tests new alien event, offers progression in Fallout Worlds

Despite being about a post-apocalyptic world, the Fallout series has had a long-running relationship with aliens. In each of the games, there are events...

One Shots: Meanwhile, 200 feet below the surface of the earth…

Don't get overly attached to the thin surface of the earth; there are wonders galore waiting for you if you will only take that...

Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV series kicks off production this year

Back in July 2020 we reported on the news of a Fallout TV series, which was confirmed to be headed to Amazon Prime Video...

End-of-Year Eleven: The biggest MMO stories of 2021

As the year that was 2021 comes to a close -- raise a glass, give a toast, and perhaps think of a few fond...

Rumor: Hi-Rez is working on a new blockchain-based game from the SMITE IP called Cluckers

Yes, it's another story about blockchain in gaming, and this time the focus is on Hi-Rez studios and the SMITE IP, though this one...

ArcheAge’s free mana crystal Twitter promotion leads to a 24 hour-long exploitation spree

Back when Kakao was kicking off its relaunch of ArcheAge, it was running a Twitter promotion that promised mana crystals for players if a...

One Shots: Christmas is on fire, yo

'Twas the One Shots before Christmas, and all through Star Citizen people were throwing trees on the bonfire and making their arboreal relatives watch....

Fallout 76 looks back upon its 2021 accomplishments

Calling 2021 a "great year of evolution and growth," Fallout 76's team took a well-deserved pause to look back at the third year of...

Myth of Empires studio seeks to take Studio Wildcard and Snail Games to court over Steam DMCA takedown

As MMO early access launches go, the release of Myth of Empires has certainly been the weirdest. First arriving to our radar at the...

Fallout 76 releases Night of the Moth seasonal event

Prior to Fallout 76, the most frightening a moth ever got was fluttering into our house and making us think, for a brief moment,...

EverQuest kicks off Frostfell ahead of tomorrow’s Terror of Luclin launch

Classic EverQuest is set for a big week, what with its Terror of Luclin expansion launch tomorrow and all. And if it's lucky, it...

Fallout 76 offers a peek at new rewards and allies coming in Season 7 on December 8

Fallout 76 will be all about the Night of the Moth on Wednesday, December 8th, but it will also be all about Season 7,...

Gamigo’s parent company just became a key investor in Daybreak’s parent company

You know, when I was joking on the last Massively OP Podcast that Gamigo was becoming Daybreak, I didn't mean it should literally buy...

Epic MMO Battles, post-apocalyptic edition: Fallout 76 vs. Fallen Earth

It just struck me over this past weekend that we post-apocalyptic fans are now blessed with two solid and intriguing online RPGs to enjoy....

Massively OP Podcast Episode 348: To the moon with FFXIV’s Endwalker

Eliot joins Justin to discuss Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, with an overview of the expansion, a look at its new jobs, mysteries we'd like cleared up, and speculation about what's coming next for the MMO.

EG7 Q3 2021: Daybreak revives Marvel MMORPG, still promising console and gfx upgrade for LOTRO

Enad Global 7, the company that bought Daybreak just about a year ago, has now dropped its Q3 2021 financial report. Just one quarter...

Whatever happened to Spellbook’s MMO roguelike The Yellow King?

Last week, MMO Fallout's Connor mentioned adding The Yellow King to his abandonware list, reminding me that I meant to dig into this game...

Mortal Online 2 goes into early access for a $40 buy-in price

Remember when Mortal Online 2 declared that as a result of how its beta went, the game was not going to be entering into...