Russian security forces apparently killed STALKER larpers they thought were real terrorists

This story's pretty distressing, so we gotta warn you up front: Some S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl superfans were apparently killed by Russian security forces...

Call of Duty Warzone’s 2.0 update introduces the ability for players to squad up with enemy teams

Battle royale shooters are usually the kind of game where shoot first and ask questions later is the watchword, particularly since it's a fight...
All things go, all things go.

Terraria announces a 2023 update that will feature crossover content from metroidvania game Dead Cells

We're back once again to point out that pixel-art multiplayer survivalbox Terraria still isn't done updating itself despite what it called a final update...
Touch wood.

BitCraft dates next pre-alpha test for November 18, promises changes to movement, fishing, and farming

The month of November is bringing a little something for lucky BitCraft fans, as the game's latest address has outlined dates for its next...

Funcom’s cartoony multiplayer roguelike Conan Chop Chop hasn’t seen an update since April

The goofy yet punishing roguelike Conan Chop Chop has had an equally goofy and punishing development trajectory. For those who don't recall, this game...

Star Stable calls Halloween’s soul shards a way to give players the power of choice, but fans largely disagree

Last month, the online horse game Star Stable was among the many MMOs that held a Halloween event that added a bunch of spooky...

Frozen Flame confirms an early access launch date of November 17

The time is nigh for the multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame to step out of closed testing and into early access. Developer Dreamside Interactive...

MultiVersus adds Black Adam and a new arcade mode to its feature set

Expect to see a whole lot of bandwagon hopping with MultiVersus, as this multiplayer battler is well-positioned to absorb any trending pop culture character...

Among Us (literally) crash lands in pixel art survival sandbox Tinkertown with a special collab quest

You probably wouldn't consider that a retro art survival sandbox and a multiplayer deceive-em-up would go together, but that's precisely what's happening in the...

Nightingale explains how realm cards give players agency over procedurally generated worlds

Inflexion's upcoming Nightingale isn't going to be your typical survival sandbox -- and we're not merely saying that for the Victorian steampunk theming. The...

Electronic Arts will sunset multiplayer servers for a wide assortment of classic games this year

As Tim Curry's character can tell you, escaping capitalism requires some pretty severe steps, but unfortunately the online multiplayer servers for a number of...

Elite Dangerous plans November release window for Update 14 and Halloween-themed giveaways

While Elite: Dangerous isn't planning on having a specific Halloween event in-game, that doesn't mean that Frontier Developments is ignoring the spooky season entirely....

Tower of Fantasy shares a tour of the upcoming Vera update and a new Simulacrum trailer

Tower of Fantasy fans know that Thursday, October 20th, is a big day for the shared world RPG since that's when its Vera update...

Dauntless’ Dark Harvest event returns along with a new island adventure in latest patch

The spooky season has descended upon the Shattered Isles of Dauntless once again. The annual Dark Harvest Halloween event is back, offering players of...

Here’s how to join in on Spellcraft’s next alpha preview event

Like many Guild Wars fans, we've had our eye on One More Game for a couple of years now, given that it was founded...

Closers’ new patch revamps crafting, costume conversion, and guides, and opens up the Spooky School

Welcome, Closers players, to Spooky School! Be sure to put your spooky textbooks in the spooky lockers, make sure you have your spooky hall...

Star Stable brings back its four week-long Halloween festival tomorrow

Are you ready to get spooked on horseback? Then you're ready for Star Stable's returning Halloween event, which promises four weeks of seasonal fun...

Book of Travels crushes more bugs and makes another round of gameplay tweaks

The work of fixing Book of Travels continues on as developer Might & Delight has released another little fix-filled patch to the tiny multiplayer...

Closers is kicking off an autumn jumping event that fast-tracks characters to max level

Who has time for the tedium of going through story missions or slowly ramping up an MMO character's power? Closers players with a desire...

Rumor: Mark Hamill will reprise his role as the Joker for MultiVersus

For people of a certain age, the vocal performance of Mark Hamill as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series is unmatched, setting the...