Fallout 76 expands its game map to the south with today’s Skyline Valley update

What's happened to Shenandoah National Park in the aftermath of nuclear war? Players of Fallout 76 get to find out as the new Skyline...
Loack? Lode?

Bethesda’s Todd Howard on why crossplay and cross-progression may not happen for Fallout 76

With interest in Fallout 76 seeing a new high thanks to the just-released TV series, the question of whether the multiplayer title will allow...

Fallout 76 begins the first phase of public testing for its Skyline Valley update

What does a nuclear apocalypse do to a place like Shenandoah National Park? Fallout 76 players are now able to find out -- at...

Fallout 76 reruns the Mothman event and offers a level 20 loadout guide

The Mothman cometh once again to the wasteland of Fallout 76. It's time yet again for the Mothman Equinox event, which lets players help...

Fallout 76 celebrates five years with streams, gifts, and events as Halloween comes to the wasteland

It's hard to believe it but Fallout 76 will be turning five years old in November, which means that Bethesda Softworks is preparing a...

Alien invaders will descend on Fallout 76 in a two week-long event starting October 4

You know, it's awfully neighborly of Fallout 76 to let players know when hostile aliens from outer space will be attacking. The devs at...

Fallout 76 is bringing back the Fasnacht event on February 10

If you've felt like creepy-looking carnival masks were missing from the wasteland of Fallout 76 and have been glum about it, then you can...

Fallout 76 talks up the alien invasion event on PTS and doubles SCORE point earnings

Alien invasions are coming to the wasteland of Fallout 76's Appalachia, but first they've got to go through some testing sessions to make sure...

Fallout 76 announces double XP event following its week-long free trial

In case you'd forgotten, you can currently jump into the Appalachian wastelands of Fallout 76 and play for free until June 17th, and if...

Bethesda scrambles to deploy Fallout 76 hotfix in the wake of its botched patch debacle

The last patch for Fallout 76 didn't go so well, to say the least, as it reintroduced a whole slew of previously fixed bugs...

Fallout 76’s endgame is so dull that players are appointing themselves raid bosses

One of the many criticisms leveled against Fallout 76 has been its lack of endgame content, but one dedicated player has decided to be...