Fallout 76’s endgame is so dull that players are appointing themselves raid bosses


One of the many criticisms leveled against Fallout 76 has been its lack of endgame content, but one dedicated player has decided to be the change he wants to see in the post-apocalyptic world by becoming a raid boss himself. The player, who goes by the name SatelliteJedi, went around razing player camps and generally marauding until he had built up a sizeable bounty of 1000+ caps on his head, then he took to the Fallout 76 subreddit to challenge any daring heroes to come and take it from him.

SatelliteJedi holed himself up in a locked room, guarded by a series of nefarious traps and a group of friends/collaborators who served as trash–err, body guards, where he awaited those with the gall to answer his challenge. Many players made attempts to claim SatelliteJedi’s bounty — including one particularly enterprising player who decided to skip the formalities and simply nuke his headquarters — but only a couple have managed to succeed thus far.

Although the methods necessary to accrue the massive bounty may have been… distasteful, let’s say, as bounties are acquired only by attacking players (or the settlements of players) who don’t consent to PvP, SatelliteJedi says that what he really wanted was to be beaten by the combined forces of the community, which he facilitated by adding challengers to his friends list to ensure they could enter his server.

In one encounter, he and his lackeys even eschewed mechanically advantageous power armor for cultist robes to add a bit of flavor to the proceedings. Although this put the group of would-be villains at a bit of a disadvantage, he says, “We realized the goal isn’t to win. We don’t need to max our gear because it doesn’t matter if we win or not. It’s more important that the heroes win, eventually, just like any good story.” And SatelliteJedi’s story isn’t over yet, it would seem, as he has plans for even more community events in the future. As to whether Bethesda will ever actually get around to adding the endgame content that these events are intended to make up for, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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