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Fallout 76 is bringing back the Fasnacht event on February 10

If you've felt like creepy-looking carnival masks were missing from the wasteland of Fallout 76 and have been glum about it, then you can...

E3 2021: Bethesda’s Redfall pits co-op teams against a vampire invasion

If you've had it up to here with sparkly vampire love stories, then grab a gun and get to blasting a few of those...
Locking, no popping.

Fallout 76 details a new Daily Op mode, new mutations, and new rewards

Good news for Fallout 76 players: The next update is dubbed Locked & Loaded, and it expects you to handle loading and/or locking accordingly because...

Fallout 76 posts its roadmap for the rest of 2021 with the Brotherhood of Steel, daily ops, and four-star legendaries

The next patch for Fallout 76 is currently on the game's test server, so anyone who would like to check out C.A.M.P. slots, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. loadouts,...

Fallout 76 plans to open its test server for the next major update in mid-March

Eager to try out the next major patch for Fallout 76? Well, you can't. Not yet, anyway... but soon. The latest dispatch from the development...
Gimme that.

Fallout 76 invites players to jump on to the test server to build Shelters

It's almost time to head underground in Fallout 76 when it comes to building Shelters. This is the next major feature arriving for the game's...
One one one.

Fallout 76 patches in One Wasteland and Season Two with today’s update

Henceforth, there will be no more divisions of wastelands within Fallout 76! It's all one irradiated mess, after all, and now you won't have to...
This waste was made by you and me.

Fallout 76 previews the worldwide level scaling coming with One Wasteland

This is my wasteland, This is your wasteland, We group and we fight mutants and beasts, friend, With level scaling you won't be flailing - This waste was...
On the farm.

Fallout 76 rolls back some challenge completion due to auto-complete bugs

Sometimes you lose a bit of progress in an MMO. It sucks, but it happens. It sucks even more when that progress is related...
I don't think you really want glows here.

Fallout 76 previews the rewards of its first seasonal progress event starting June 30

An entire season's worth of progression in Fallout 76? Who could ask for more? Lots of people, maybe, but seasonal progress is what you're...
Everything is fine! No, really, this time we mean it!

Fallout 76 clarifies that seasons will be free, with some potential Fallout 1st bonuses in the future

If there's one thing that Fallout 76 does remarkably well, it's making people angry about the way the game is monetized, all the way back...
I send-a the calzone into space! I don't pay-a the taxes! Oh!

Fallout 76 invites everyone for a free tour of Appalachia this weekend

If you dropped out of Fallout 76 before the Wastelanders update, you may have been inspired to go back already. However, if you never stepped...

Fallout 1st subscribers have formed a clan of aristocrats to perpetrate Fallout 76 class warfare

Whether the reports of Fallout 1st players being harassed in Fallout 76 are highly fabricated or not, a large cluster of Fallout 1st subscribers...
That's a big oops.

Fallout 76 replaces the Mystery Pick event with a sale due to bugs

The tasks of Fallout 76's Project Clean Appalachia continue with players asked to wipe out the Scorched this week, but perhaps the project should have...

Fallout 76 kicks off another cleanup project while planning for 2020

The Meat Week has returned in Fallout 76, but players can already look ahead to the next part of cleaning up Appalachia starting on October...

Physical power armor helmet from Fallout 76 is being recalled due to mold

Remember when the worst thing about Fallout 76 merch was a crappy canvas bag? Get ready to feel the bottom dropping out as it's...
Cool, we'll meet the meat.

Fallout 76 offers up another Meat Week for cleaning up Appalachia

Appalachia is kind of a mess in Fallout 76. To be fair, so is the world as a whole since nuclear conflicts tend to end...

Fallout 76 opens the Vault 94 raid, Nuclear Winter Perk choices, and balance changes

It's time for Fallout 76 to grow up and get that much closer to being a real MMO. The latest patch for the game...
This could use some fuel.

Fallout 76 plans to talk about the future at QuakeCon while delaying its next major update

Like the lingering effects of radiation, the most recent big update for Fallout 76 is still causing issues being addressed by the game's latest...
Oh, is that all.

Fallout 76 project lead argues that the repair kits aren’t pay-to-win… as long as you’re not competing with anyone

Before the launch of Fallout 76 the promise was that the game's cash shop would contain only cosmetic options and nothing that actually affected gameplay....