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Enjoy the Fallout 76 experience in Fallout: New Vegas… in a way

As people who are intimately familiar with the online game space (source: you read this site), most everyone here can imagine the worst excesses of player behavior to be found in Fallout 76 before the game launches. But why not experience it firsthand? A new mod for Fallout: New Vegas will allow you to have that online experience for the game right now, well in advance of release.

No, it’s not adding online functionality, why would it do that? It’s adding an NPC with a flamethrower who shows up right after the tutorial and will try to kill you while shouting racist epithets.

Yes, you can probably guess the joke right from there, but there is a video just below for those who would rather just watch something rather than trying to actually play with this mod installed. And if you have some time to play with it yourself… well, don’t say you weren’t properly warned. You knew what to expect.

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Perfect Ten: What I’ve always wished for in a Fallout MMO

This week I’ve been absolutely consumed by the thought of Fallout 76. I know, I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up for a proper MMORPG, but even the prospect of some online multiplayer functionality thrills me to no end.

Fallout has been one of my favorite computer RPG series ever since its first installment way, way back in the 1990s. I played Fallout 2 like crazy back in the day, log in to Fallout Shelter frequently now, and just recently started my third journey into Fallout 4.

There’s so much to love about these games, which is I’m quite eager to see the full reveal of Fallout 76 by Bethesda at E3 next week. Before that happens, however, I want to share with you what I’ve always wished for in a Fallout MMO. It has such potential to be an awesome online RPG with a huge built-in fan base and big developer muscle behind it. Let me share my list and then you do the same in the comments!

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E3 2018: Fallout 76 takes over the L.A. skyline

If you’re heading to E3 in Los Angeles next week, it is going to be quite difficult indeed to avoid any thoughts of Bethesda’s new Fallout 76. It could be because there is so much excitement swelling about this new entry in the post-apocalyptic franchise. It might be due to the rumors that the game will be an MMO of sorts. Or — and we are just spitballing here — it might come to mind because of the towering billboards displaying on the sides of hotel skyrises.

VG247 notes that the Hotel Figueroa now has three Fallout 76 ads painted — not plastered — onto the side of the buildings. Apparently this is a Big Deal for E3 advertisement and a good indication of the marketing muscle that Bethesda wants to put behind this upcoming title.

The tagline for the ads? “Our future begins.” Looks like multiplayer goodness is looking more and more certain!

Source: VG247


Blizzard sells toys, ZeniMax buys VR studio, and Jagex brings RuneScape to Amazon Echo

Consider this your triple dose of MMO industry news for the day so that you can be the talk of the water cooler tomorrow.

Activision Blizzard might be getting into the toy market, as it has opened up a new consumer products division and hired a former Disney and Mattel exec to run it. What will they be selling? It’s not clear yet, but they use PR words like “touchpoints,” so chew on that for a bit.

Meanwhile, ZeniMax announced that it has acquired Escalation Studios, which has specialized in mobile, console, and VR games. Escalation might have been brought in to help with the Fallout VR project underway at Bethesda.

Finally, Jagex put out a press release stating that it has launched an audio RuneScape experience to the Amazon Echo. Fans can download the app RuneScape Quests: One Piercing Note to play this interactive murdery mystery.

Source: Press release, VentureBeat, Games Industry


Dive into the maw of Doom’s open beta next week

The newest iteration of Id Software’s demon shooter Doom is almost upon us. Doom — the first entry in the classic series since 2004’s Doom 3 — is scheduled to launch on May 13th. For those with itchy trigger fingers and an incurable impatience, there’s a balm coming next week in the form of a four-day open beta test.

The open beta, which will run from April 15th through the 18th, won’t feature the story campaign but instead will give testers two multiplayer maps to dominate. Any and all are welcome to try out a team deathmatch and a moving king-of-the-hill mode to see how this version of Doom handles.

Following its launch, Doom has three DLC packs in the making which can be purchased individually or via season pass. The first DLC will include a trio of new maps, a playable demon, a different weapon, and all sorts of other goodies.

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The Elder Scrolls Legends TCG delayed into 2016

The Elder Scrolls franchise is no stranger to delays, which is why it’s almost tradition for it’s spin-off card game to reveal that it won’t be making its anticipated launch window of this year.

When pressed about whether or not The Elder Scrolls Legends would be squeaking into 2015, Bethesda Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines broke the bad — but not unexpected — news by stating, “I think it’s safe to say it’s not coming in the next 15 days.”

The TCG was teased at E3 earlier this year as an Elder Scrolls-flavored alternative to Hearthstone, although little has been said about it since. Hines reported that the game is playable but not quite polished as the studio would like. He did not give a new target date for the TCG’s launch.

Source: PC Gamer


Tamriel Infinium: Dealing Elder Scrolls Online justice

When The Elder Scrolls Online launched, many people had high expectations for the game. Of course, given the number of people who loved the Elder Scrolls series of games and the number of people who love MMOs in general, no developer could ever satisfy the playerbase. The devs could have completely recreated Skyrim in an online form and there would be complainers.

Although I did some complaining about the game myself after its launch last year, my primary gripe was not the game itself. The storytelling and character progression mechanics were great. My primary issues was ZeniMax‘s handling of its playerbase and that knowledge that the PC subscription that many people have been paying for this last year has actually been a pay-to-beta model without ZeniMax ever actually admitting it. But after March 17th, that all ends, and the game, now called Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, is more than worth your money to buy.

I am a returning player filled with all the bitterness that returning players carry. ZeniMax murdered my family and ran off with my dog, but right now, I am super impressed with what it’s been able to accomplish over this last year.

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Elder Scrolls Online releases update 6 trailer

Elder Scrolls Online’s huge update 6 patch went live last night, but the celebration begins today. ZeniMax has released a new video exploring all of the update’s major features, but it’s the new justice system that imbues online Tamriel with that classic Elder Scrolls ambiance and has recaptured MMO players’ attention.

Quipped a player tweeting as Shank last night, “Picked a pocket. Got caught. Didn’t pay bounty. Panicked. Ran for my life. Killed by a wolf in the chase. Justice system 10/10.”

The new video and some fresh wallpapers are below; let us know if you’re playing! We might just be bringing back our old Elder Scrolls Online column next week…

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Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 6 is live

What’s new in The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, how long have you got? Today’s Update 6 added the justice system, the champion system, a collections system, animation and tutorial updates, a provisioning revamp, game rebalancing, and more.

The justice system allows you to indulge your inner criminal by stealing from Tamrielian NPCs, breaking into their homes, and even murdering them outright.

The champion system is “a new progression and development” mechanic that becomes available at Veteran Rank 1. Champion points are earned by doing anything in the game that generates XP, and each character on your account will receive a point to spend on progression-related niceties when it is earned by your VR character(s). There’s much more to the update, so click the link below to learn all about it.

[Source: Patch notes; thanks Chum!]


Elder Scrolls Online adds more loyalty rewards

Just because Elder Scrolls Online is going buy-to-play in a month doesn’t mean that ZeniMax is giving up hope that you’ll stay subscribed to the game. Today the studio announced that it is adding two more loyalty rewards for those who have kept a sub up for a while.

The first reward is a delightfully creepy Mask of Cheerful Slaughter for those who have been with the game for nine months. Even better is the addition of the Striped Senche mount. This exclusive bridled tiger will be available to those who are subscribed on March 16th and have already banked 300 days of subscription time at that point.

You can check out a quick video of both of these rewards after the break.

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