Arkane says vampire looter shooter Redfall will be its ‘most ambitious game to date’


Are you prepared to venture into an apocalyptic town where vampires have warped the very essence of reality? “Dude, I haven’t even had my second cup of coffee yet,” you mutter at the computer screen. That’s OK if you’re not ready because Bethesda’s Redfall is still a ways off.

However, you can start wrapping your head around the concepts at play with a new 21-minute video from QuakeCon in which studio Arkane’s developers discuss how they brought Redfall to life. Topics here range from the origin story of the vampiric threat, the arsenal of weapons that players will use on said bloodsuckers, and why Redfall is “Arkane’s most ambitious game to date.”

Redfall’s co-op shooter looter should be coming out on Xbox and PC sometime in 2023.

Source: YouTube
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