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V Rising’s first series of regular official server wipes begins this week

Earlier this month, players of V Rising were informed that the game would begin running regular server wipes in the interest of keeping gameplay...

Choose My Adventure: Feeling like a vampire is not the problem with or the solution for V Rising

After these few weeks and hours playing V Rising in its early access state at the time of this column's publishing, I can pretty...

Redfall offers a brief peek at how players can customize their characters

The vampire fighting co-op shooter Redfall is back once again for another preview post of its systems, specifically those that let players customize their...

Choose My Adventure: Customizing my V Rising experience (because my other server was closed)

As that title would suggest, the V Rising server that I was originally playing on just decided to go kaput. The people who were...

TennoCon 2022: Werewolves in Warframe?

Warframe has a very blood oriented frame in Garuda, so the vampire aspect is touched upon. But what about werewolves? Where's a howling beast...

Fight or Kite: Love vampires and battle royales? Here’s what Bloodhunt brings to the table

The latest entrant into the world of BRs comes from the World of Darkness series Vampire: The Masquerade. Even though I’ve played a number...

Choose My Adventure: Boredom and frustration rear their head in V Rising

This week, V Rising decided to remind me why I deeply dislike survival sandboxes. It all started off pedestrian enough for the most part. Over...

Choose My Adventure: V Rising provides moments of chaos and comfort

There's often a moment I've experienced when playing survival sandboxes where I hit my stride. The mechanics make perfect sense, I have a plan...

Choose My Adventure: Forewarned is forearmed in my return foray to V Rising

There's something extremely valuable in hitting a reset button when you're able to. Failure is always an option in MMOs and multiplayer titles, to...

Co-op vampire-slaying FPS Redfall debuts a new pre-beta gameplay trailer

It's been a little while since Redfall pinged on our radar. The last bit of news we heard out of this co-op FPS game...

The Stream Team: A first-time peek into the vampiric survivalbox world of V Rising

A lot of hay has has been made about V Rising, the survival sandbox dressed in a vampire costume, and that's gotten MOP's Chris...
Looks like a nice enough garden.

Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning prepares new events for the game and celebrates eight years

Things are getting deadly in Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning starting on June 10th. Except... actually, they're sort of not? They're getting anti-deadly? Undeadly?...

The Soapbox: Are modern games more disposable than ever?

Atlas Rogues went out not with a bang but a whimper. I forgot it even existed. And after it closes July 5th, it's gone....

Project Gorgon’s Q&A gives a cancer update, shares why a weather magic skill line was killed

A recent town hall Q&A over at Project Gorgon kicked off with a somber-but-optimistic update concerning lead developer Sandra Powers and her ongoing battle...

V Rising promises bug fixing in the short term, bigger but less frequent new content updates in the future

With the rip-roaring success of V Rising making headlines, a lot of players likely find themselves wondering just what sort of content updates can...

One Shots: Modern vampire home decorating

Forget the dusty castles and damp basements of your father's Transylvania; the modern, on-the-go vampire has a refined taste that apparently includes neon caskets...

V Rising’s spiders are upsetting enough to prompt players to ask for an arachnophobia mode

Spider enemies are something of a staple for video games of all stripes, which likely makes it challenging for those with genuine arachnophobia to...

V Rising’s early access has already sold over 500K copies in three days

Apparently, survival sandbox mechanics paired with classical vampire aesthetics is a winning combination, or at the least a profitable one for developer Stunlock Studios,...

Massively Overthinking: The MMO grudges we just can’t let go

Back in April, MMO Fallout's Connor and I had a lil tweet convo about grudges. He was joking that there will be aged gamers...

Not So Massively: First impressions of V Rising, launching into early access today

I'm still searching for a survival game that fits me. I enjoy a lot of the survival experience, but the games as a whole...