Throne & Liberty producer resigns as mobile version rumors surface


If you were already harboring doubts about the prospects of Throne & Liberty’s western launch, then prepare to possibly hoist another mental red flag: Reporting from South Korea’s MTN confirms that the MMORPG’s producer Ahn Jong-wook has stepped down from his position and the game’s leadership has since been reorganized.

Details on just why Ahn vacated his seat have not been provided, but reporting does confirm that executive director Choi Moon-young will now also be taking over the duties of producer. Choi himself took over for the project back in the early 2010s, when the game was still being linked to the wider Lineage franchise.

This shuffling of leadership still doesn’t appear to be stopping NCsoft from aspiring to bring the game to our corner of the globe, which is still being targeted for sometime in 2024 through publisher Amazon. MTN further reports that Amazon Games officials are meeting with NCsoft to discuss T&L’s global aspirations. including other East Asian countries like Taiwan.

Tangential to those global release plans is word that there will be a mobile version of T&L on the horizon. Insider sources report that the hope is for the lagging MMORPG’s fortunes to “rebound through domestic service and overseas expansion,” after which the mobile edition is planned. A studio official is quoted as saying that these plans are being “actively considered” but are not yet confirmed.

source: MTN News via Reddit
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