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New World has delayed its Aeternum console closed beta two weeks to July 25

When Amazon first announced the Aeternum reboot and console port for New World, it noted that it would be rolling out beta testing all...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 475: The Legend of Ralph Lobster

Justin and Bree discuss Raph Koster's Stars Reach, Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail, Daybreak's purchase of Singularity 6 and Palia, Nexon's The First Descendant, and Guild Wars 2's housing, with a mailbag topic on the legend of Ralph Lobster.

Throne & Liberty showcases character creation, dungeons, and PvP activities ahead of July 18 open beta

With Throne & Liberty getting some important dates revealed during Summer Game Fest - namely, its open beta running between July 18th and 23rd...

Vitae Aeternum: New World Aeternum’s stagger changes could make or break the game

In all the hubbub over New World's controversial Aeternum relaunch, there's one element of the update that's been largely overlooked. The features infographic mentions...

The Daily Grind: How many players constitute a proper MMORPG raid?

Back when Amazon first announced its New World Aeternum rebranding, I noticed an interesting comment about the planned raid. Longtime reader Squid opined that...

MMO Business Roundup: Roblox’s 4D AI, Perfect World’s layoffs, Bethsoft’s unionization, and Rockstar’s ambitions

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news. Business business business! Roblox - The controversial games giant now claims that it's "building...
Theoretically there's a non-jerk version of this out there, but...

The MOP Up: League of Legends’ game modes help to refresh its theme park design

League of Legends' game director explained why the MOBA is adding a Vampire Survivors-type mode to make it more like a "theme park," saying,...
It's a whole new... yeah.

PSA: New World throttles back on its character transfer cooldown timer

Here's an important public service announcement for any New World players who are thinking of transferring their characters: Amazon is reverting the cooldown for...

Amazon Games shares its long focus approach while saying that the Lord of the Rings MMO is ‘not too far away’

It can be pretty easy to assume that the strategy of Amazon Games is to throw handfuls of anything at the wall to see...

This year’s Steam Summer Sale brings another collection of bargains for MMORPG fans

It's Christmas in summertime once again, otherwise known to gamers as the Steam Summer Sale, and we're happy to report that there are some...

Raph Koster’s new MMORPG is called Stars Reach, and yes, it’s basically Star Wars Galaxies 2

It's June 26th, Star Wars Galaxies' 21st birthday, and I'm sitting on Google Meet talking to none other than MMORPG founding father (and SWG...

After a delay, WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery Phase 4 targets July 11

It might've taken a little while longer than expected to get here, but WoW Classic's next Season of Discovery phase is slated to arrive...

Vitae Aeternum: A new theory on what went wrong with New World’s 2024 plans

The New World fanbase is still reeling from the fallout over the announcement of its soft relaunch on consoles as New World: Aeternum. Something...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 474: Taking Tarisland to task

Justin and Bree discuss Tarisland's launch, Pax Dei's early access, Throne and Liberty's launch plans, LOTRO's new legendary servers, Raph Koster's mystery MMORPG, and Black Desert's Heidel Ball, with a mailbag topic on goofy cross-promos in MMORPGs.

New World fills its summer drought with the Summer Medleyfaire, starting this week

Somehow, calling it the Smedleyfaire just isn't as fun as it used to be, but New World's Summer Medleyfaire is indeed returning this week...

View counts for New World Aeternum’s official announcement trailer see a mysterious spike

A lot of the time, when PR tells us how many views a game gets on YouTube or Twitch, it's an easily ignored metric...

Massively Overthinking: Unfair stigmas that follow MMORPGs

A few weeks back, our team was discussing the intersection of survival sandboxes, MMORPG virtual worlds, and gankboxes - and how hard it is...

New World’s new video series is set on explaining the game to prospective console players

Still fussed over that whole Aeternum thing, New World players? Well, how about a new video series that welcomes you console players into the...

Lost Ark’s Summer Heat is live, daring players to confront Echidna in the latest endgame raid

Lost Ark's Summer Heat update couldn't be more appropriate where I am right now under the heat dome in the Northeast US, but fortunately...

LOTRO Legendarium: Am I excited at all for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO?

With all of the recent hullabaloo around New World, I've noticed several mentions of what this may portend for Amazon's Lord of the Rings...