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Neverwinter applies some quick fixes to Dragonbone Vale and hands out items due to artifact mod resets

With the new Dragonbone Vale module now out in the wilds of Neverwinter, there comes the regrettably inevitable point where there are post-launch fixes...

Star Trek Online talks up its incoming anniversary event and general update plans in Q&A livestream

Yesterday saw Star Trek Online put out its first Q&A broadcast of 2022, and while answers included the expected cornucopia of topics, there were...
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PUBG is now a free-to-play title on PC and console with today’s update

Today marks an auspicious date in the lifespan of battle royale shooter PUBG. After its early access release in 2017 and a variety of...

Elder Scrolls Online PvPers are grumpy over an out-of-context stream clip

(We've updated with Matt Firor's new statement on PvP at the end of this article.) Longtime players know that The Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director...

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

It's a source of endless frustration for backers and MMO players and a running joke in our own comments: Will Star Citizen ever release,...

Jagex 2020 financials outline increases in revenue, subscriptions, and microtransaction sales

Yes, we are reporting on financial news coming out of 2020 from RuneScape and Old School RuneScape developer Jagex because said information was only...
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Final Fantasy XIV has its story beats up through patch 7.0 planned out already

It turns out that the Final Fantasy XIV team isn't resting in the wake of the Endwalker launch. The recent Radio Mog Station event with producer...

Red Dead Online’s shabby first update of 2022 sparks community movement to save the game

At the end of last week, Red Dead Online kicked out an update that ended up being nothing more than a series of boosts...

Rumor: Hi-Rez is working on a new blockchain-based game from the SMITE IP called Cluckers

Yes, it's another story about blockchain in gaming, and this time the focus is on Hi-Rez studios and the SMITE IP, though this one...

Guild Wars 2’s senior narrative director leaves ArenaNet to work for Bungie

This shouldn't be a particularly alarming bit of news for Guild Wars 2 fans, but the movement of one of the game's major narrative...

Wizardry Online makes a comeback as a rogue server

Those with good memories and perhaps a bit of personal experience might remember that for a hot minute back in 2013 and 2014, SOE...

Star Citizen fans call out several promised features that were cut from alpha 3.16

While the recently released alpha 3.16 of Star Citizen has its fair share of things to do, fans of the game are calling attention...

Star Citizen fans complain about Luminalia ‘gift advertisements’, ship pricing, and Legatus pack price hike

CIG has found ways to get money out of the backers of Star Citizen enough times that it's earned the dubious honor of being...

Massively Overthinking: Our favorite MMO stories of 2021

Every year, we give a nod to the biggest MMO story, but in 365 days, a whole lot more happened than just one narrative....

Riot’s Runeterra MMO exec confirms the game will have PvP of some sort

Being a Riot Games-built MMORPG set in the world of League of Legends, it's natural that fans of the IP will want to know...

ArcheAge’s free mana crystal Twitter promotion leads to a 24 hour-long exploitation spree

Back when Kakao was kicking off its relaunch of ArcheAge, it was running a Twitter promotion that promised mana crystals for players if a...

Myst Online Uru Live is suddenly getting an injection of new official content today

One of the best things about the MMO genre is that games can still be updated and evolve no matter how long in the...
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Fractured and Gamigo reps discuss publishing, refunds, IP ownership, and the possibility of a console launch

As we've been covering, Kickstarted MMORPG Fractured - now Fractured Online - announced that it's being supported and published by Gamigo, and the response...

Final Fantasy XIV’s pizza emote promotion results in undelivered codes managed by a reportedly random draw

There is nothing inherently wrong with the pizza being eaten in Final Fantasy XIV; in fact, it looks very enjoyable and delicious. There is...

Lost Ark KR offers a video preview of the ink brush-wielding Artist class

They say that art is pain, but no more is that clear than in the Korean version of Lost Ark, which offered a video...