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Elite Dangerous players successfully destroy the first Thargoid Titan

Update 18 of Elite: Dangerous was subtitled Kill the Titans, so that headline is probably a foregone conclusion, but all the same it's worth...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon GO’s Season of Wonder is evasive, but March scores critical hits

Pokemon Go's Sinnoh Tours and Season of Timeless Travels are both behind us, and we're left with... World of Wonders? Based on the latest announcements...
We good? I hope we're good?

Cryptic CEO says Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and Champions Online are safe in a ‘steady state’ for content cadence

If you've been worried about the future of Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, or Champions Online recently... well, who can blame you? It's been a...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s Sinnoh Tour turned players into guinea pigs

Both the Pokemon GO's Sinnoh Tour LA Tour and now the Global Tour have both ended, and while there are good points to be...

Nightingale teases storage and crafting QOL plans as players build away and reviews sit at ‘mixed’

A week into its early access launch, Nightingale studio Inflexion has very briefly addressed the community on how the rollout went - and what's next...

Zenith OARPG Infinite Realms launches today as Steam reviews plummet over MMO development halt

There wasn't much lead-up to this - indeed, the world has known it was happening for less than a month - but Zenith's new...
Everything's going so well!

Temtem subreddit mods temporarily close the sub following Temtem Swarm uproar

So hey, things with Temtem are just going absolutely super. Last week, Crema Games insisted that it was still working on the main game...

Helldivers 2 players decry mission farming and saboteurs as servers stabilize and stealth is hinted at

This past weekend in Helldivers 2 was significantly more stable as far as the game's servers are concerned, which has now opened players up...

2-D Pokemon-like MMORPG Duel Revolution makes its full release on PC and mobile March 1

Last October we got our first peek at Duel Revolution, a 2-D creature-capturing MMORPG that promises 50 different Evo creatures that can be improved...

Elite Dangerous Update 18 adds new weapon, multiple bug fixes, and the ‘end game’ of the Thargoid War

It is now time for Elite Dangerous players to Kill the Titans. As promised from an earlier roadmap livestream, Update 18 has officially gone...

Star Citizen followers uncover additional layoffs at CIG that reference relocation and restructuring

A couple of weeks ago we caught word of Star Citizen's game director leaving his position after nine years at CIG, with most assuming...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go’s Los Angeles Sinnoh Tour was one step forward and one step back for Niantic

Pokemon GO's Sinnoh Tour LA Tour has come and gone, and honestly... it's helped me appreciate some parts of the Hoenn Vegas Tour while...

Old School RuneScape once again assures players that it is fighting bots as Defender of Varrock returns

Jagex would have probably liked this week in Old School RuneScape to be primarily focused on the updated release of its Defender of Varrock...
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Nightingale’s early access launches to mixed Steam reviews, performance hotfixing, and a growing playerbase

With the first 24 hours of Nightingale's early access release almost behind it, we're doing the usual thing where we collect overall initial impressions...
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Argentinian World of Warcraft players say the game is ‘dead’ after January pricing changes

Argentinian fans of World of Warcraft are sounding the alarm over Blizzard's decision to change both the cost of subscription to the MMORPG and...

Bandai Namco reports YoY sales drop, admitting Blue Protocol JP ‘significantly fell short’

Bandai Namco has disclosed its fiscal-year third quarter financial reports, and it looks like things are not going well for the developer and publisher,...

Tibia sees an uptick in updates as Tibia-inspired 3Dragons plans beta testing

Life over in the classic MMO Tibia has kept going for quite a while now, but things appear to have picked up quite a...

Star Citizen’s live game director vacates position after nine years at CIG

We'll admit that this bit of Star Citizen news is ripe for speculation, and that speculation may be steered by how one feels about...

Diablo IV releases its uber unique crafting system, tries selling portal effects for $30

How much would you pay to get some differently colored portal effects in Diablo IV? Evidently Blizzard believes that fans will shell out $30...

Perfect Ten: The 10 phases of MMORPG pre-launch hysteria

One of my private theories about MMO players -- one I'm now making public -- is that we all have the collective memories of...