Marvel Heroes rogue servers are finally possible thanks to newly released emulator files

But don't think the full game is playable yet


Many of our readers and writers deeply miss Marvel Heroes, the MMOARPG that managed to capture something special – and was unceremoniously closed thanks to an absolute snowball effect of errors, miscommunication, and allegations of misconduct by the CEO of developer Gazillion. But while its creator David Brevik and fans may have assumed the title as long gone, some newly released emulator files may bring the ol’ girl back after all.

The MHServerEmu files that have been posted to Github are meant to build an “experimental server emulator for Marvel Heroes,” allowing fans to effectively start the very first process of building a rogue server for the MMOARPG. This build of the emu does appear to be a bit rudimentary, allowing for the creation of network protocols with “basic multiplayer functionality,” basic power implementation, hero customization, and exploration of player hubs and combat zones. However, even if it’s not a fully reassembled game yet, it all appears to be working fine.

Obviously this means that Marvel Heroes rogue servers aren’t readily available yet, let alone fully playable to the scope of the original title. There’s also the fact that Disney will very likely defend its IP with every legal weapon available in its nuclear arsenal. Even with these caveats, we’d say it’s about damn time.

sources: Github and YouTube via Reddit, thanks to Wal for the tip!
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