rogue servers

Marvel Heroes rogue servers are finally possible thanks to newly released emulator files

Many of our readers and writers deeply miss Marvel Heroes, the MMOARPG that managed to capture something special - and was unceremoniously closed thanks...

Pirates Online rogue server operators open an archive that preserves assets from Pirates of the Caribbean Online

The history of Pirates of the Caribbean Online is one that's about as unique as making an entire MMO out of a Disney theme...

ArcheAge rogue server AA Classic is hobbled by launch woes

We don't generally cover rogue servers for still-alive MMORPGs here on MOP, but this weekend's messy launch for an unsanctioned player-run classic version of...

City of Heroes Rebirth brings buffing Pandora’s boxes, harder task force challenges, and power proliferation July 23

It is the Dawn of Genesis for the Rebirth rogue servers of City of Heroes. Or rather, it will be when Issue 6 goes...

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration rogue server expands galactic civil war mechanics in latest update

If you think the galactic civil war feature that played out in Star Wars Galaxies was kind of humdrum back in the day, perhaps...

Forsaken World officially sunsets, but there’s already a private server available

Gearbox Publishing announced at the tail end of April that it would be shutting down Perfect World Entertainment's MMORPG Forsaken World on November 30th....

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer advocates for game preservation through emulators

You have probably noticed by now that we here at Massively OP are proponents of game emulators for MMOs that have been decommissioned. Rogue...

The Daily Grind: Did you try out any MMO rogue servers in 2020?

Last year was the year when rogue servers became an even bigger deal for many veteran MMO players than usual, due in no small...
So here's the deal.

The Daily Grind: Do you think MMO rogue servers could help with MMO identity issues?

Here's what got me thinking about this. At first, I was going to say that I would eagerly play on a WildStar rogue server because...
We got it back, after all.

Perfect Ten: Dead MMOs resurrected via rogue servers

Last December, the Massively OP 2019 Awards gave its "Best Trend" nod to the rise of rogue servers in the MMO genre. Preservation of...