David Brevik on Marvel Heroes’ 10th anniversary: ‘It is gone into the nothingness forever’


The importance of June 4th may have passed you by, but the creator of Diablo II and Marvel Heroes commemorated the 10th anniversary of the latter’s release. David Brevik took to Twitter this past weekend to hold up a torch for the late, great superhero MMO.

“[Ten] years ago today, we launched Marvel Heroes and what a crazy ride it was,” Brevik wrote. “I have many stories about the development of the game and the extremely difficult corporate conditions but persevered and created something amazing and fun. The team was extraordinarily talented and dedicated. They are what made the game turn around and become great. I am so proud of the work they did. I miss them very much.”

Brevik noted that the title would’ve been a “perfect candidate” for early access in its first year, during which the team turned a mediocre game into a praised one. He said that it “warms [his] heart” to hear from fans about how much they still remember Marvel Heroes after its demise in 2017.

“I makes me incredibly sad that no one can ever play this game again,” he said. “I spent a large portion of my life and career on this game. The team spent so many hours working on it and it is gone into the nothingness forever. I miss you Marvel Heroes. Happy Anniversary.”

If you’re wondering about the whole story of what happened to Marvel Heroes, we’ve got you covered: We did a recap last June when former Gazillion CEO Dave Dohrmann resurfaced after years of silence to apologize to his team (sort of) for his role in the collapse of the company.

Source: Twitter
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