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Massively Overthinking: What will be your three most-played MMOs in 2023?

Last week in Massively Overthinking, we discussed our three most-played MMOs of 2022 - and whether we'd guessed right at the top of that...

V Rising celebrates 3M sales since early access as players await its delayed content update

Vampire survival MMO V Rising is apparently still gathering all the monies and sales: Stunlock Studios just sent 'round the announcement that it's now...

Kickstarted adult-only vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss puckers up for early access

If you've been seeking the most murky of smooches and the darkest of nighttime strolls in your MMORPG adventures, Shadow's Kiss would like to...

PvP MMO Gloria Victis will officially launch February 7 after six years of early access

Back in June of last year, Black Eye Games told Gloria Victis fans that the gritty siege warfare MMO was getting close to release with...

Osiris New Dawn formally departs early access for launch, having sold 600K copies

If you blinked, you missed it: Multiplayer survival sandbox Osiris New Dawn quietly moved from early access to launch this week. It wasn't a...
Not like this.

Vague Patch Notes: Fractured Online deserved better, even if you think it looked bad

When it comes to upcoming MMOs, there's always a sense of uncertainty in terms of what the final product is going to look like....

World of Warships’ Lunar New Year celebration and Airship Escort battle are live

Let me just reassure you right at the start of this article that World of Warships is not, in fact, adding adorable bunnies for...

Bullet-hell battle royale game Dominance launches into Steam early access open beta

Does the world need another battle royale? How about a self-proclaimed "first bullet-hell battle royale"? We're about to find out, as Cyprus-based studio Stage23...

Atlas plans an Xbox crossplay PTS, adds bunnies for Lunar New Year

Studio Wildcard's Grapeshot Games is joining the list of MMO studios rolling out a lucky red carpet for Lunar New Year, although Atlas' next...

Kickstarted sandbox MMO The Repopulation is apparently dead as Idea Fabrik’s contracted dev team quits

When last we checked in on The Repopulation, it was in August, when I realized that the team behind the game had put out...
Oh my sweet summer child.

Kingshunt has shut down its servers for what the developers are claiming will be further development

We hope you got in your enjoyment with Kingshunt while it lasted because it's over now. The game's servers shut down on January 6th,...

Wayfinder promises ‘juicy details’ on testing, highlights part of its playable roster

After a holiday hiatus, the crew at Airship Syndicate is back to crank out development and testing for this year's Wayfinder. The team said...

Starbase prepares for its next in-game spaceship showcase on January 27

If you're a fan of starships, specifically the ones built in the early access sandbox of Starbase, then you've got an important couple of...

Early access life sim RPG My Time at Sandrock tests its multiplayer mode January 12

If you love those cozy life sim RPGs like Animal Crossing and Rune Factory, you're perhaps familiar with My Time at Sandrock, an in-development...

Leaderboard: What was the best *new* MMO of 2022?

The downside of making both old and new games be eligible for MMO of the Year is that it can be pretty hard for...

The Adventurer’s Domain Online is an upcoming early access MMORPG seeking to pair ‘classic vibes’ with action combat

What happens when you someone makes a game that tries to blend "classic MMO vibes with more modern third-person action combat systems"? It might...

Social life sim MMO Polity enters free-to-play early access

Back in April 2021 we caught wind of Polity, a social-centered life sim MMO from Turkey's Jib Games. The crux of the gameplay loop...

Massively Overthinking: Our 2023 MMO resolutions

I know that not everyone does "resolutions," and that even most folks who make them don't actually stick with them. And when it comes...

Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss pushes Steam early access launch to the turn of the new year

If you've been blood-starved for a vampiric massively multiplayer role-playing game, no doubt you've found yourself waiting to, er, sink your teeth into Shadow's...
Looking for more to make a boat work.

Book of Travels attempts to disambiguate MMO ‘features’ and ‘content’

The difference between what's a feature and what is content would seem pretty obvious to most MMO players, but as usual Book of Travels...