[AL:MH]See: Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Rivals will revise content creator contract after streamers blast non-disparagement clause

"We'll let you be a supported streamer, but you're not allowed to say bad things about our game." That's effectively what NetEase's Marvel Rivals...

Marvel Rivals discusses adding environmental destruction to a competitive shooter

Generally speaking, the maps of a team vs. team shooter are static; you can blast all of the buildings you want, but they'll be...

Vague Patch Notes: The problem with forever adding classes to MMOs

The second expansion for Final Fantasy XI, Chains of Promathia, launched to extremely mixed reception, and there was one overwhelming reason for that lack of...
Oh, oh, oh, it's Magik.

Marvel Rivals kicks off its closed alpha test on May 10

Is there another faintly superheroic shooter you're over so you want something new to watch? It definitely seems as if Marvel Rivals is hoping...

Marvel Snap previews its May update with five more mutants and heroes

Marvel Snap is about to take May by storm thanks to its A Blink in Time season. Second Dinner's Ben Brode -- as hyper...
Also, let's just put this out there, how about more robots?

Into the Super-Verse: A toast to City of Heroes’ 20th birthday

How does you mark your first true MMO experience? Anarchy Online technically was the first MMO I ever played, although I was on dial-up,...

Diablo IV’s S4 Loot Reborn launches on May 14th – here’s what’s in it

All right, Diablo IV fans, this is it: the loot overhaul you've been waiting for. Blizzard formally announced today that D4's fourth season -...

NetEase and Marvel Games are building a new team shooter called Marvel Rivals, with closed alpha in May

The lack of Marvel in the MMO space has always seemed kind of weird, especially given the vacuum left by the beloved Marvel Heroes,...

Marvel Snap’s big feature patch adds graveyards, custom borders, and undo turn

Marvel Snap's first big feature drop of 2024 is here, bringing with it several much-requested quality-of-life improvements to the multiplayer card battler. Second Dinner released...

Perfect Ten: MMOs with live-action media tie-ins

Every so often I think to myself that a video game should get some kind of media adaptation before I come to my senses....
No. It's the children who are wrong.

Vague Patch Notes: You might be the reason you no longer love this MMO

Despite its ubiquity in sitcoms throughout the '90s, I have never had a single relationship end with the other person saying, "It's not you,...

The MOP Up: Myth of Empires pumps out even more servers

The freshly released Myth of Empires rolled out yet another batch of New Era servers this past weekend with realms in Oceania, Asia, Europe,...

Q4 2023: NetEase’s revenues soar as the company invests in the western gaming industry

I am not sure whether it's dawned on MMORPG fans yet, but NetEase is doing a lot more than jousting with Blizzard and milking...

Tamriel Infinium: Elder Scrolls Online proves the worth of a small story arc

It was the other day in Elder Scrolls Online's Northern Elsweyr that I stumbled upon a disgraced rogue that used to run a pit...

Disney invests $1.5B into Epic Games with plans to create a ‘huge Disney universe’ in Fortnite

Seeing Disney's various IPs in Fortnite isn't exactly news by this point, but it appears as if there will be a whole lot more...

Obituary: Former Free Realms creative director Laralyn McWilliams has passed away

I'm sorry to report this morning that game developer Laralyn McWilliams has passed away at the age of 58. MMO fans will remember her...

Marvel Snap nerfs Blob, its troublesome deck-eater

Whenever you have a card game where the very basis of your revenue stream is the constant introduction of new cards, unbalanced concepts are...

Leaderboard: What’s the most vulnerable Daybreak MMO in 2024?

Every year when it comes time to update this poll for January, I consider tossing it out. But the last few years of Daybreak...

Marvel Snap studio secures $100M investment that assures independence and new game creation

Second Dinner, the studio headed by former Hearthstone dev Ben Brode that managed to nail down the Marvel IP to launch its digital CCG...

Marvel Snap’s 2024 roadmap covers guilds, events, and character mastery

With a little over a year of live operation under its belt and a whole lot of acclaim, Marvel Snap continues to be one...