Elder Scrolls Online has begun teasing what looks like a High Isles Breton-centric chapter


If you follow The Elder Scrolls Online on Twitter, you probably noticed some of the cryptic teases about the game’s next chapter and year-long plot showing water and boats. ZeniMax Online Studios has added a longer tease to the mix today with a brief trailer – note the use of the word “adventure” in the clips too.

“Across a vast sea awaits 2022’s newest adventure for The Elder Scrolls Online. The coming year will satisfy a desire of Elder Scrolls fans everywhere by introducing a never-before-seen world and a tale that has yet to be told.”

Players were already assuming that we’re destined to get a Breton-themed chapter that takes us to the High Isles since the teasing about the next chapter and its location began back in December, and the armor and architecture on display in the video today back that assumption up. But uh… boats would be new!

ZeniMax is dropping much more during its January 27th Twitch stream; the studio promises to “reveal a never-before-seen world, its stories, and culture of The Elder Scrolls Online.”

Source: Press release
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