buy to play

‘Buy-to-play’ is a term that refers to games that have box or download fees associated with them but do not incur a mandatory subscription. Some have optional subscriptions and are more properly referred to as hybrid B2P. Most have cash shops and microtransactions.

Bungie finally admits it’s delaying Destiny 2’s The Final Shape to June 4

Confirming what leaks and rumors and layoffs a month ago had already implied, Bungie announced this afternoon that it's delaying Destiny 2's The Final...
Seriously, though, whatever.

Vague Patch Notes: The myth of the ‘first’ MMORPG

One of the things I like to joke about every so often is various myths about the history of MMOs, and a lot of...

The Daily Grind: What was the most important innovation in MMOs in 2023?

It's weird to think about, but I don't really think MMORPGs are particularly innovative. Maybe they never have been. They're always walking a fine...

One Shots: Soft and squishy, yet fierce and determined

If MMORPGs, anime, and children's cartoons have taught me anything -- and really, it's where I get most of my learning these days --...

The Stream Team: Character creation for a modded Conan Exiles one-shot

After exploring a slew of mods and even checking out an impromptu crafted dungeon, Massively OP's Larry and MJ are prepared to begin Larry's...
Thanks, I hate it.

Destiny 2 shares Season 23 class and mod updates, preps raid group finder test for November 30

Season of the Wish is now only days away from releasing to Destiny 2 players, which means that Bungie has a lot of updates...

The Daily Grind: Do you budget your Black Friday MMO and Steam purchases?

So here we are at the dawn of another Black Friday, and in spite of the fact that I really hate the FOMO nature...

Massively Uplifting: MMO gratitude, goodness, and giving, from Elder Scrolls Online to Guild Wars 2

Today is a big day for your belly! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, chances are you'll have/have had a table overflowing with delectable dishes today...

Guild Wars 2 Necromancers are finally getting swords, Anet kicks off experience boost event

Guild Wars 2's ninth and final weapon reveal - the sword for the Necromancer - rolled out amidst a bunch of other announcements last...

The Stream Team: Time for a talk in Guild Wars 2’s Secrets of the Obscure

Massively OP's MJ was surprised to face and defeat Peitha's brother after finding Isgarren (she thought the search would take longer), but not as...

Today in transmedia synergy: Bungie and CDPR announce Destiny 2 x The Witcher collab

Who had Destiny 2 x The Witcher collab on ya 2023 bingo card? Yep, this is for some reason happening. Don't think too hard...

The Stream Team: Bumbling about Blackwood in Elder Scrolls Online

Now that Massively OP's MJ has finished Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle, what is there to do? Too much! She has multiple zones still...

Elder Scrolls Online invites players back to Blackwood and the Deadlands in its Gates of Oblivion event

Regular players of The Elder Scrolls Online are likely familiar with how the MMORPG likes to kick off events that invite players back into...

Destiny 2 peak player concurrency hits a new all-time low on Steam

Bungie has already acknowledged the deep player disappointment in Destiny 2, but now we're all able to see at least a part of that...

One Shots: Lightning strikes twice

When you see lightning on the horizon, it may be time to seek shelter, brew a favorite hot beverage, and settle in for a...

Guild Wars 2 unveils the Guardian’s ‘bullets of justice’ and delays some WvW restructuring plans

It's not every day that you see a tanky MMO class run around with pistols, but that's the sort of fun lunacy that's coming...

Destiny 2 details Season of the Wish’s weapon, reward adjustments, and next dungeon launch date

Destiny 2's community team is continuing to try to make its players focus on November 28th's Season of the Wish arrival and less on...

Guild Wars 2 teases shortbow Engineers and their ‘essence-infused arrows’

I have to say, as someone who counts a Holosmith in her top handful of Guild Wars 2 toons, that I couldn't initially see...
This. They're this.

Massively Overthinking: Pervasive old MMO ideas that aren’t really true

A while back, Eliot and I were discussing one of his columns, in which he noted that in the eldest of the elder MMOs,...

Guild Wars 2 introduces the pistol-totin’ Elementalist for testing November 28

Elementalists, your time to pew pew in Guild Wars 2 is finally here, or will be when the weapon proliferation beta goes live on...