buy to play

‘Buy-to-play’ is a term that refers to games that have box or download fees associated with them but do not incur a mandatory subscription. Some have optional subscriptions and are more properly referred to as hybrid B2P. Most have cash shops and microtransactions.

The MOP Up: Among Us adds three new playable roles

Highly sus game Among Us added three new roles with its latest update: Tracker (keep tabs on Crewmates via the minimap), Noisemaker (make noise...

One Shots: Did someone call for a bird delivery?

Face it: There are a lot of bird delivery services in the world today. Not an hour goes by that your doorbell isn't ringing...

Massively Overthinking: Unfair stigmas that follow MMORPGs

A few weeks back, our team was discussing the intersection of survival sandboxes, MMORPG virtual worlds, and gankboxes - and how hard it is...

Guild Wars 2 previews Janthir Wilds’ land spears for Elementalists, Mesmers, and Revenants

Here we go: ArenaNet has finally dropped a dev blog on the final third of Guild Wars 2's classes destined for spear usage come...

Wayfinder’s new AMA covers monetization, 1.0 content, and reception to Echoes

Now that Wayfinder's Echoes update is live with its new optional offline mode, the folks at Airship Syndicate have sat themselves down to talk...

PSA: Elder Scrolls Online gifts all subscribers with a free… dragon camel?

Assign this to the category of "word combos we never thought we'd see in a sentence," but Elder Scrolls Online is giving a free...

The Stream Team: The joys of bashing and smashing dragons in the snow of Guild Wars 2

When you have a catchy theme song, everything's better. And Guild Wars 2's Dragon Bash has the best theme song of any MMO event...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Gold Road chapter is now live on Xbox and PlayStation

Elder Scrolls Online enchanted PC players, including MOP's Chris, with Gold Road earlier this month, and now it's angling to do the same for...

The Stream Team: Elder Scrolls Online and the Conclave of Fate

Now that Massively OP's MJ has crafted Meln's cloak of omission, she's ready to party crash the Telvanni Conclave of Masters in Elder Scrolls...

One Shots: When the cuteness dug too deep

In this past week's adventures, Utakata claimed to have plumbed the great depths and mysteries of Khazad-dûm... with a mouse-person. I don't remember that...

The Stream Team: On the path to AQ3D’s new Oracle class

A new class has just surfaced in AdventureQuest 3D -- the Oracle! Filled to the brim with phenomenal cosmic powers (but not confined to...

Elder Scrolls Online stocks up for a crafting revival, plans next anniversary event in Italy

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you get to loaf off and do nothing. Here comes Elder Scrolls Online to tell you to get...

Massively Overthinking: The New World Aeternum debacle

You know that feeling when you can see a trainwreck coming, but you know you can't do anything to stop it or even warn...

Vague Patch Notes: Housing is really back in MMORPGs

I haven't really had anything to say about Guild Wars 2's upcoming Janthir Wilds expansion thus far because... well, I'm not our GW2 columnist,...

World of Warcraft general manager John Hight leaves Blizzard ‘to explore new opportunities and challenges’

The World of Warcraft team and Blizzard at large has seen another one of its long-standing senior devs leave the company. After 12 years,...
Pointy stick!

Guild Wars 2 details spear techniques for Warriors, Thieves, and Engineers

The next Guild Wars 2 expansion has the wrong date listed because Janthir Wilds should obviously be coming out in October. Why? So you...

Global Chat: So many questions about Guild Wars 2’s housing

With the news that Guild Wars 2 is adding homesteads in its next expansion, Nerdy Bookahs is not alone in asking a whole ton...

SGF 2024: Hands-on with New World’s controversial Aeternum reboot, which is still an MMORPG

How's everyone recovering from all this New World Aeternum news coming out of Summer Games Fest? It's been kind of a confusing time for me, as...

SGF 2024: Amazon discusses New World Aeternum on console, swimming, solo content, and archetypes

In case there's anyone out there still confused: New World Aeternum is not a single player or co-op game. I know the Summer Game Fest announcement of...

The Daily Grind: What are some of your MMO housing must-haves?

With the word that Guild Wars 2's next expansion will feature player housing -- homesteads in the game's parlance -- everyone seems to be...