Lunar New Year events around the MMORPG world, 2024 edition


Would you believe that this is only our third year with enough MMORPG Lunar New Year events that a roundup is necessary? A decade ago, these events were rare, and twice that, they were almost unheard of – in the west, of course. Now, every multiplayer title is anxious to add another festival to the winter lineup, and frankly, we’re not sad about out. Here are all the MMO Lunar New Year events in store this year – plus a few of our streams!

A few more that crossed our desk this week:

  • Identity V, NetEase’s creepy asymmetric multiplayer title, has added a new Puppeteer character and a Chinatown map reward as its Year of the Dragon content.
  • RIFT is running sales on all of its dragons.
  • AdventureQuest 3D has brought back its traditional lunar new year event’ players can pick up quests from Saber in the core social district!
  • Eden Eternal bundled its Dragon Luck Blessing event into a rather large patch that also increases the level cap to 85 and adds awaken classes for Bards (Battlefield Poets and Life Worshippers) and Blade Dancers (Blade Acrobats and Elegant Dancer).
  • Riders of Icarus has launched a combination Valentine’s Day event and lunar new year event called Love and Lunar Beginning. Why choose when you can have both, we suppose.
  • Overwatch 2 might not be taking all of this seriously.
  • LifeAfter launched its has launched its lunar new year update called Hope Radio and the Golden Dragon earlier this week; “Players can claim their personal portable radio which seems to transmit mysterious messages, and join both new and returning friends in uncovering what’s behind it all.”

Let us know about any others you’ve spotted!

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