Black Desert Mobile celebrates 1500th day with gift code as PC preps for Lunar New Year


Counting the days and not the years sounds like a weird thing to do until you get to a big number like 1500 – and that’s exactly what Pearl Abyss is doing today, as Black Desert’s mobile edition is celebrating 1500 days of service. Players are being treated to a range of perks in honor of the occasion, including quizzes, chat events, surprise missions, and experience bonuses today into tomorrow. The studio is also handing out a stack of freebies (15,000 Adventurer Tokens, 1,500 Chaos Crystals, 1,500 Alyaelli Fragments, 1,500 Totem Chests, 1 Power Boost Chest) to all players who redeem the 1500-DAYS-TOGE-THER code for their accounts.

Meanwhile, over in the PC version of the game, Pearl Abyss has patched in a long list of class balance changes and what appear to be several Lunar New Year-themed events, capped off by a spectacular blue dragon furniture for player manors. The update also touches on Black Shrine features, Sulfur Mine Jail, gathering tools, and the general trade system:

“The General Trade conducted via the Order Contract is going into rest. (Processing trade such as ingots/crop boxes will remain as before.) We’re currently exploring ways to revamp General Trade to better showcase the diverse features and charm of the vast Black Desert world. As part of this process, we’re easing some restrictions on trade items. From now on, you will be able to use the Magnus even when you have fish or coins. Consider this update a step towards easing the various restrictions previously imposed by trade.”

Source: Press release, mobile, PC
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