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Black Desert Online new 3v3 PvP mode Arena of Solare releases today along with its inaugural season

Did you know Pearl Abyss founder Kim Dae-il took inspiration from fighting games when he and his team developed Black Desert's MMO combat system?...

Black Desert Mobile’s Buccaneer sets sails for servers this month

Let it not be said that Black Desert Mobile lacks respect for the high seas and its altruistic cadre of pirates! For lo, Pearl...

Black Desert updates summer events on PC, opens Elvia realm on console, launches a new siege on mobile

It's a new week and that means a whole bevy of updates for every single version of Black Desert, as the PC, mobile, and...

Black Desert celebrates the summertime with special events on PC and mobile

Eating shaved ice. Marveling at bioluminescent waves. Defending a sand castle. Making tasty skewers. These are the variety of summer-themed activities that players of...

Black Desert Mobile adds the Drakania class and offers a brief summary of the Heidel Ball

This past Saturday saw the Heidel Ball event for Black Desert Mobile, which provided a couple of reveals and a whole lot of gift...

Black Desert Mobile readies for its Heidel Ball as it brings a new region and PvPvE content in latest update

Players of Black Desert Mobile have a couple of important things to bear in mind for their favorite mobile MMORPG. First off, the Heidel...

Perfect Ten: 10 things you can spend money on instead of Diablo Immortal

So how about that Diablo Immortal eh? Sure is a lot of "weeping and gnashing of teeth" surrounding its release, huh? But hey, it's for a...

Black Desert Mobile adds Striker’s Yacha awakening, Black Desert PC unleashes a new dream horse

This week brings goodies for fans of the Black Desert franchise. Let's start with Black Desert Mobile, where the Yacha is officially live. Yacha...

Black Desert launches new Path of Glory season on mobile, graduates season characters on PC, and shares some jazz tunes

Hey, gamers. Do you like jazz? How about jazzy tracks from Black Desert? If so, then you're in luck because members of the game's...

Desert Oasis: Black Desert Mobile has a little something for every playstyle

It's amazing how fast two years flies by. It didn't seem that long ago that I was doing my first impressions piece of Black...

Black Desert PC tasks players with caring for a baby elephant, Black Desert Mobile starts a water gun fight

It should be said that there are more features available in the recent updates to Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile, but the two...

Black Desert Mobile now lets you turn into a smoke cloud and flee from PvP fights

Sometimes you want to be left alone or want to flee from a PvP fight in Black Desert Mobile, but you picked a class...

Black Desert Mobile adds lightning lord class and new dream horse

This week's Black Desert Mobile update is like lightning in a bottle... no, not literally. Pearl Abyss has rolled out a new class for...

Black Desert Mobile opens the Field of Valor Desert, adds a quick join party feature, and nerfs the Kunoichi

There's a new Field of Valor waiting in this week's update to Black Desert Mobile, and if you've got plans on going there, you'd...

Black Desert marks two years of console cross-play as players are married in-game and real life

We've got yet another giant pile of news coming out of every version of Black Desert, so whether you hit WASD, a thumbstick, or...

EVE Online and Black Desert studio Pearl Abyss believes it can ‘create a stable blockchain ecosystem’

Pearl Abyss' Q4 2021 financials are a rollercoaster, my friends. The company is fine, so no panic there; in fact, it's operating revenue is...

Black Desert Mobile merges servers, Black Desert PC discusses planned quality-of-life updates

The world of Black Desert Mobile is shrinking. Sort of. The game's world isn't getting smaller, but the number of servers is, as the...

Black Desert PC tweaks a monster zone and goes on sale for Lunar New Year, Black Desert Mobile adds the Solaris class

It's that time of the week when Black Desert plops a whole bunch of news on everyone's lap. The lion's share of updates comes...
Sure, fine, whatever.

Black Desert Mobile launches events to fight bosses, grow account characters, and celebrate bagels

Sure, there are events that involve beating down foes or logging in, but have you ever dared to dream of an event that celebrates...

PSA: Black Desert Mobile is once again offering rewards for Prime Gaming members

Are you a player of Black Desert Mobile? Do you have an Amazon Prime account that you forgot to unsubscribe to? Then you've got...