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Desert Oasis: Black Desert Mobile is not just a mobile copy of Black Desert

Last week, I taught my freshman classes basic email etiquette. In a time of distance learning, it's an important skill to teach. We looked...

Black Desert fights Hadum’s influence on mobile, adds Awakening and Succession for Hashashin on PC, and brings PvP changes on console

An alternate headline for this story could just as easily been "Everything Black Desert got content," but I think Bree would dislike me if...

Desert Oasis: Checking back in on Black Desert Mobile, almost one year later

It's been a while since I checked in on Black Desert MobileĀ for Desert Oasis. In fact, I haven't really played it since my initial...

The Soapbox: Stubborn MMO players are sleeping on autoplay mechanics

Autoplay, huh. What is it good for? Absolutely something! I'll say it again: There is value in autoplay. It's got such a bad reputation...

Black Desert drops class balancing patch on PC, plans Hashashin pre-creation next week

While it's been relatively quiet over in the Black Desert console versions, PC and mobile are hopping today. On the PC side, you're either...

Massively Overthinking: Changing the mindset of the MMO genre

I recently saw a journalism professor argue that generating a widespread thinking shift in an entire profession can take decades. "You have to keep...

Black Desert Mobile adds a new tower defense mode, PC lets players graduate season servers early

Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile both have some things going on in the news today, as is very often the case for these...

This week’s Black Desert update is Cursed, literally, as the Netflix collab begins

Cursed by Netflix transmedia synergy, that is! Yes, as promised, the Netflix fantasy series Cursed has a big crossover with the Black Desert franchise...

Desert Oasis: Black Desert’s outlook in the lead-up to Crimson Desert

I've played nothing but the Black Desert season servers in the last month. It's such a fresh breath of air, and it's something I...

Black Desert adds the Skill UI update and new male hairstyles, mobile adds Awakenings and the Wardrobe

Black Desert is a game of two parts for me: wondering what skills to use and trying to muddle through its weird UI, and...
At the boondocks.

Black Desert’s season servers are live today on PC as mobile picks up gear awakening

Black Desert players were understandably bummed over the delay of season servers last week, so we bring good news today: They're finally here. "The wait...

Black Desert writes a season server guide and opens character pre-registration, mobile adds New Valencia

If you're among the Black Desert players eager to find out about the upcoming season server type that was announced at this year's Heidel...

Black Desert has a horsey event and a schedule for the digital Heidel Ball, mobile has an Enraged Red Nose

It's horsey time in Black Desert! Technically, any time can be horsey time, but the latest update has a very horse-specific event as well...

Black Desert moves Heidel Ball online, adds Striker on mobile and events on PC

You are cordially invited to fire up Black Desert or Black Desert Mobile, check out some of the new stuff each game is releasing,...

Interview: Black Desert on crossplay, the engine, and the future of mobile

A few weeks ago, we chatted up Pearl Abyss' lead producer Jaehee Kim about some pressing Black Desert questions. Now, I'm not one to...
weird dog

Black Desert boosts rewards, adds new systems; Black Desert Mobile goes to a secret place

There's a bunch of new stuff in the latest patch to Black Desert. New reusable consumable items? Sure thing, you can assemble some concentrated...

Black Desert issues a juice challenge, Black Desert Mobile adds tier 5 pets and celebrates strawberries

There are some fresh updates to Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile, and once again they're full of events for players to enjoy. This...

Black Desert brings a water festival and a golden goose event to PC, barbecue missions to mobile

Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile are once more just full of events for players to take part in, including a water festival, golden...
This round babby likes you

Black Desert gets an April Fools’ event on PC, Drieghan on console, and new events on mobile

Whew! The down side of having so many different versions of Black Desert is that when an update day rains, it pours. And it...

The Dark Knight arrives to Black Desert Mobile with today’s update

No, you can't be Batman, but what you can be in today's Black Desert Mobile update is a lady who wears a pauldron shaped...