Black Desert opens a new hunting ground on PC, begins summer graduation on console, adds a new Great Desert area on mobile

Also there's a promo with a boba tea chain because why not


As if this week weren’t already packed with MMORPG things, allow Black Desert to throw on a whole bunch more, with every edition of the sandbox title piling on some big updates. MMO Christmas has come early this year. Or it’s like spinning plates if you’re our poor editor Bree.

This week on PC is headlined by the all-new Ulukita hunting ground, a land that’s described as full of “highly challenging enemies, high-desert territory, and high-level gear.” The new ground currently features two monster zones to hunt in, with two more arriving later. Also arriving later will be rules that make Ulukita a lawless zone.

In addition to the new hunting region, the PC edition has seen some class changes that focus on the Corsair and Berserker, updates to certain items and monster placement, UI adjustments, and some more new events that ramp up rewards for the Vell and Garmoth boss fights and kick off pufferfish season.

The big highlight for console players is the start of the graduation for summer seasonal servers, as well as more flexibility for seasonal server access overall that was first available to PC players. This week’s patch also makes another round of class adjustments, weakens ocean currents, removes pet levels, and opens 13 monster zones in Marni’s Realm.

There’s some platform-specific news to note as well: Xbox players are being advised that the MMORPG is leaving Xbox Game Pass on August 31st, while the game’s fourth anniversary on PlayStation is being marked with in-game rewards, gifts, and events between now and September 6th, along with a fresh bundle of login rewards for new and returning players.

Over on the mobile version, the Mirage area of the Great Desert has been opened as well as PvP-centered tweaks for several classes, a raise of the Black Spirit’s maximum level, and some celebratory events ahead of BDO Mobile’s Heidel Ball event on August 26th, which will be broadcast on YouTube.

Finally, BDO is collaborating with the boba tea franchise It’s Boba Time with a special handout for PC and console fans. Visitors to a participating It’s Boba Time location will get themselves a coupon code with some items with their order, while everyone can enter in a special code to get three in-game boba tea drinks.

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