PSA: PlayStation Plus subscribers can nab a free copy of Black Desert’s traveler edition starting today

Looking for a new MMORPG to play on your PlayStation console? Are you a subscriber to the PlayStation Plus service? Then you're being directly...

Black Desert opens a new hunting ground on PC, begins summer graduation on console, adds a new Great Desert area on mobile

As if this week weren't already packed with MMORPG things, allow Black Desert to throw on a whole bunch more, with every edition of...

Pearl Abyss grants users of a gamer-centric finance service free copies of Black Desert

We're pretty sure that nobody had Pearl Abyss clapping hands with a gamer-focused financial service provider on the radar - heck, we're not even...
Bork, bork, allow independent nations to retain their sovereign territory, bork!

World of Warcraft introduces new charity pets to support BlueCheck Ukraine

If you want to support Ukraine in its continued crisis defending itself against a Russian invasion that has done immense damage to the country,...

Diablo IV showcases its accessibility options, runs promos involving cathedrals and meat shakes

It's hard to think that a game like Diablo IV needs more promotion, but Blizzard has been absolutely banging that drum for a while...

PSA: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is now 40% off through May 15

So how are things going on the World of Warcraft team after the most recent set of financial results for Blizzard showed off that...
she YELL

World of Warcraft gives every inactive account free Dragonflight access for the weekend

So, how's World of Warcraft: Dragonflight doing? Well, the game is running a promotional campaign this weekend offering expansion access to every inactive account...

Final Fantasy XIV and Puma are collaborating for a new line of shoes, shirts, and pants

You might not think that Final Fantasy XIV wants to be Destiny 2, since the two games play differently and are made by different...

Guild Wars 2 activates Twitch drops to celebrate a new chapter of the End of Dragons story

Are you excited about the next chapter of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons story? Are you so excited that even if you aren't...
Latinum, too.

Star Trek Online preps its 13-year anniversary bundle while celebrating the newly canonized Enterprise-F

The 13th anniversary of Star Trek Online has arrived, and that also means that players have a new anniversary bundle available. Considering the storyline...
Trade? Buy? Sell?

World of Warcraft is offering everyone bonus Trader’s Tender for purchasing Dragonflight

Have you bought Dragonflight yet? The developers of World of Warcraft are really hoping that the answer is yes, and in the game's continual...
Oh, to pretend to believe.

World of Warcraft offers an extra 30 days of subscription time for Dragonflight gift purchases through December

Blizzard: So it turns out that after releasing two terrible World of Warcraft expansions back-to-back, we've ensured nobody actually trusts us to release another...

MechWarrior Online is adding the Hatchetman… but not adding melee

It is deeply amusing to note that the first question about the addition of the Hatchetman to MechWarrior Online's lineup is "does this mean...

Neverwinter offers a Drow-related reward for players along with an interview for The Way of the Drow

Do you want some Drow? Neverwinter has plenty of Drow. The Way of the Drow is going to provide you with all the Drow...

Riot Games names Lil Nas X president of League of Legends in a new collaboration for Worlds 2022

What do the MOBA League of Legends and superstar rapper Lil Nas X have in common? On the surface, not much, but that's not...

World of Warcraft gives Shadowlands away for free through September 5

So let's assume for the sake of argument that you decided not to purchase World of Warcraft: Shadowlands when it came out, and following...

Final Fantasy XI turns on bonus campaigns and welcomes players back starting on Friday

Final Fantasy XI wants you to come back to hang out. No, really, it's even putting on its summer best and everything. The game...
Bash and shoot and smash.

Outriders is free-to-play on Steam until June 23

Do you remember Outriders? No, maybe not, very few people remember - wait, we already made that joke. And it's not even totally accurate,...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Neverwinter’s Echoes of Prophecy with a giveaway

Do we need a reason for a giveaway? Nope! But we have one: On December 1st, the third and final milestone for Neverwinter’s Echoes of...

The Daily Grind: Are you going to indulge in some sales action for MMOs this year?

It's the season... the season of discounts. Yes, it's just about time for everything to go on discounts on various online storefronts, and while...