Diablo IV showcases its accessibility options, runs promos involving cathedrals and meat shakes


It’s hard to think that a game like Diablo IV needs more promotion, but Blizzard has been absolutely banging that drum for a while now, running the gamut from fried chicken to household chore service. Now, there are a couple of extra weird wrinkles added to the ARPG’s promotional fabric: real-world cathedrals and demon meat shakes.

The studio released a so-called “Cathedral of Diablo experience” that lets players take an in-browser, 360-degree virtual tour of the Chapelle des J├ęsuites in Cambrai, France, with its interior dressed up in digital paintings related to the game alongside classical religious artworks.

Speaking of bad taste, a “demon meat shake” drink (that’s actually plant-based and 100% vegan because demon meat isn’t a thing yet) has been created. The beverage, which looks about as unappetizing as it sounds, was served up to celebrities and influencers at a private event, and was also offered in a contest that invited residents in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York to tweet at the game’s account for an opportunity to have this thing delivered to entrants for free. Personally speaking, I’ll take the Double Down first, thanks.

In more actual game-related news, Blizzard showcased a host of accessibility options like colorblind filters, various audio cues and subtitling features, speech-to-text and screen reader functionality, and highlighting for items and characters to make the D4 experience easier to handle for more players.

sources: press release, Twitter (1, 2), official site
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