Warframe sells out of TennoCon physical tickets but promises free virtual access


For Warframe players, we’ve got a bit of the ol’ good news/bad news mix to deliver at the end of the week here. Let’s rip off the bandage and get to the sore wound first: Physical tickets to August’s London, Ontario, TennoCon convention are completely sold out at this point, so if you were still hoping to make the trip in person, you’re out of luck.

The good news should take some of the sting away, though. Everyone can attend for free virtually via Twitch on August 26th. This one-day stream will include panels, Q&A sessions with the developers, and “major world premieres.”

And whether you’re planning to attend in person or not at all, you can pick up a TennoCon digital goodies bundle for $25 from the official site (fans who’ve purchased a physical ticket automatically get this bundle as well). According to Digital Extremes, “Players can dawn the slick new TennoCon Syandana commemorating 10 years of Warframe in the shape of a stylish X , unsheathe their sword like a lotus in bloom with the Nefertym Rapier Skin and Destreza Weapon, decorate their Orbiter with a new adorable Lotus Floof and also stock up on Platinum, a Regal Aya and gain access to Baro’s full inventory for a limited time during Baro’s TennoCon Relay.”

Source: Press release
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