tennocon 2023

TennoCon and DragonCon raised over $200K apiece for charity this summer

Two of my most favorite gaming conventions of the year have one great thing in common: Both TennoCon and Dragon Con raise money for...

Warframe’s Halloween-themed Abyss of Dagath cements 2023 as the year of creep

It is no secret how much I love Halloween, horror, and all things eerie and spooky, so learning about Warframe's next update Abyss of...

The Stream Team: Talking Warframe and TennoCon 2023

Massively OP's MJ is back from TennoCon 2023 (and has had at least a little rest). While the news about what's on the way...

Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls adds new narrative, hub, and Tenno ‘skin’

What is TennoCon but the opportunity to debut something big for Warframe? Every year Digital Extremes introduces players to new and exciting content that's...

TennoCon 2023: Warframe 1999’s trailer goes back to the future

As with every TennoCon, Digital Extremes likes to tease players with a little blast of what will be featured at the next con. Of...

TennoCon 2023: At-a-glance TennoLive reveals for Warframe, Soulframe

TennoCon is always exciting with a number of things to do, but the highlight is always TennoLive, the big reveals that  happen live on...

TennoCon 2023: Warframe cross-save launches this year, mobile pre-orders are live

At TennoCon 2021, cross-platform play was first revealed for Warframe, though it was TennoCon 2022 that gave us the 2022 launch info. Cross-play arrived,...

Warframe showcases giveaways being held during TennoCon and starts a 10th anniversary event

It's likely that most people attending or watching Warframe's TennoCon this year are doing so to hear what's next for the multiplayer action shooter,...
Wishin' and hopin'

Warframe talks up July’s Echoes of Duviri patch and TennoCon 2023 reveals

With two months to go before TennoCon 2023 arrives, Digital Extremes has shifted into high gear to make this a Warframe summer to remember....

Warframe sells out of TennoCon physical tickets but promises free virtual access

For Warframe players, we've got a bit of the ol' good news/bad news mix to deliver at the end of the week here. Let's...
Ah, that explains it.

Warframe has opened up its physical ticket sales for TennoCon

There's no game out there quite like Warframe with its uniquely baroque and futuristic style, and that means there's no physical convention quite like...