Warframe showcases giveaways being held during TennoCon and starts a 10th anniversary event


It’s likely that most people attending or watching Warframe’s TennoCon this year are doing so to hear what’s next for the multiplayer action shooter, but there is another reason to tune in to the event: prizes.

Digital Extremes is bringing the goodies in both digital and physical form for the game’s convention, including a chance to get a free Gara Prime Frame, Warframe-branded Steam Decks, a custom-built PC, and some other peripherals. Additionally, players who login to Warframe on August 26th can snag themselves a Dex Operator and Drifter suit in honor of the game’s 10th anniversary.

On the subject of Warframe’s birthday, the anniversary celebrations have already begun with the launch of the Recall: Ten Zero event this week, which offers five weeks’ worth of missions and special rewards to commemorate the journey of the Tenno. The studio is also celebrating with special merch items, a timeline of the game’s development, and a community contest that challenges players to recreate their favorite Warframe moment. All of the details are in the link above, while a video package of the TennoCon goodies awaits below.

sources: press release, official site
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