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Final Fantasy XI prepares a variety of appreciation campaigns for players starting on Wednesday

The 20-year birthday for Final Fantasy XI is coming up really soon, with May 16th marking the date. And as is expected for any sort of...

Final Fantasy XI outlines its May update for its 20-year anniversary month

Oh boy! Can you believe that May is the 20th anniversary for Final Fantasy XI? That's a big milestone, and it deserves a big celebration,...

Elder Scrolls Online’s server woes resurface while its anniversary event parties hard

Even as Elder Scrolls Online rolls out the red carpet for the MMO's 8th birthday, server issues continue to plague the game. ZeniMax has...

Elder Scrolls Online’s eighth anniversary brings out bonuses, High Isle preview

The other day on the podcast, we were noting that Elder Scrolls Online turning eight this week seems downright young compared to some of...

Star Stable celebrates over 1B in-game races and 10 years of operation with the Equestrian Festival 2022

Players of Star Stable have participated in over 1 billion races while the horse-centric MMO has been online for 10 years. Those numbers are...

EverQuest turns 23 years old and throws a bash to match

It's a very happy birthday to EverQuest, which marked its 23rd birthday this week following its release back in March 1999. Let's just absorb...

PC and mobile MMO Dragon Raja celebrates two years with fanart and free goodies

Has it already been two years since Dragon Raja first released? Why yes, yes it has, and now, it's time for publisher/developer Archosaur Games...

DDO’s Update 53 goes live with adventure pack, free unlocks, and anniversary giveaways

Someone over at SSG really likes alliteration, apparently. Last week, LOTRO received its Rangers and Ruins update, and now Dungeons and Dragons Online is...

Closers celebrates four years by tasking players with collecting letters and spelling words

Closers has now been in operation for four years and the game is eager to celebrate with its players. How will it be celebrating,...

The Stream Team: Happy 11th birthday DC Universe Online!

Massively OP's MJ was all set to commemorate DCUO's 11th birthday early, but the servers denied her entrance. That's understandable, it takes time to...
I want a Milky Way.

World of Warcraft will allow flying in Zereth Mortis as players debate anniversary event drop rates

The real question of World of Warcraft tends to be whether or not you can fly in a given zone, with players often frustrated by...

Fiesta Online celebrates its 14th anniversary by asking players to use cupcakes as weapons

What better way to celebrate 14 years of an online game than by making delicious cupcakes and flinging them at your enemies? This is...

World of Warcraft prepares to kick off its anniversary celebrations on November 15

It's almost time to celebrate 17 years since World of Warcraft initially launched, so hopefully you're feeling in a celebratory mood at the moment. Or...

EverQuest II celebrates its 17th anniversary, hires a new tradeskill designer

Where were you back in November 2004 when EverQuest II first came on the scene? A lot of expectations were placed on this follow-up...

The Stream Team: 17th birthday celebrating in EverQuest II

Another year, another party! And even another quest! EQII turned 17 years old today, and Massively OP's MJ is on hand to celebrate. The...

Wizard101 and Pirate101 get ‘spooktacular’ with Halloween and anniversary events

Considering that Wizard101's multi-genre setting is already 79% of the way to Halloween most days of the year, pushing it over the edge into...

Aion’s European version kicks off its anniversary celebration

It's been 12 years for Aion running on European servers, and unfortunately it looks like the game's carnival barker does not particularly care. Seriously, look...
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Star Stable offers players a free horse for its anniversary

For ages on the internet we have all used the idea that something will give you a pony as accepted synecdoche for giving someone...

Aion celebrates its 12-year anniversary with a gift-giving event starting this week

Has it really been a year since Aion last celebrated its anniversary? Has it really been 12 years since the game came out on these...

Wizard101 celebrates its 13th birthday with free gifts and zone samples

There's nothing that strikes as much fear and trepidation in the heart than seeing someone officially become a teenager, unless that newly minted teen...