Elder Scrolls Online dares you to ’embrace the outrageous’ with its Jester’s Festival

Do you have a manic grin on your face and a willingness to "embrace the outrageous?" It's really the only way to approach Elder...
People always ask why I pick these screenshots and the answer is usually just that I felt like it.

Warframe ushers in 10th anniversary as devs deliver a glimpse of Soulframe

Believe it or not, it's been nearly 10 years since Warframe launched on March 25th, 2013 -- and you can best believe that Digital...

Runes of Magic stages 14th anniversary events with free daily presents

Runes of Magic may not be a game that gets a lot of coverage these days, but it's also not a game that's thrown...

EverQuest II celebrates Classic EverQuest’s 24th anniversary with the return of the Chronoportal Phenomenon

No, the Chronoportal Phenomenon isn't a progressive electro band name; it's a recurring event in EverQuest II, and it's back once again to mark...

VR MMO OrbusVR celebrates its fifth anniversary with a year-long series of events and boosts

Five years of operation is meritorious for any MMORPG, but it certainly seems like an even bigger milestone for the VR MMO OrbusVR. That...

Dragon Raja marks its third anniversary with a new class, new map, and cash prizes for referrals

Three years ago, the mobile (and now PC) MMO Dragon Raja released, and our initial impressions at launch found the game to be "solid"...

Dungeons and Dragons Online’s 17th anniversary event kicks off this Wednesday

You know how you hate all those websites that make you feel ancient by reminding you that such-and-such is this many years old already?...

Closers continues to celebrate its fifth anniversary and announces plans for a mobile version

The five year anniversary celebration of Closers, which first kicked off in late January, is continuing on with a second round of festivities still...

Lost Ark applies a fix for its wrongly applied anniversary shop chests

Last weekend we reported on an issue with certain anniversary shop items in Lost Ark, which mistakenly had goodie bundles on offer that were...

EverQuest Online Adventures fans toast the console MMO’s 20th anniversary

EverQuest Online Adventures might well be one of the oddest spin-offs from the rather expansive EverQuest franchise. And while this late, great PlayStation 2...

Lost Ark stops sales of chests in its anniversary gold shop thanks to a problem with character binding

This week was meant to be a happy one-year anniversary for Lost Ark's western release, but instead it's ended up being a bit of...

Pirates of the Burning Sea heads toward Steam as it sails past its 15th anniversary

With the 15th anniversary of Pirates of the Burning Sea sailing into port, we thought it was time to touch base with this fascinating...

Broken Ranks players have died 6.3M times since its launch one year ago

Believe it or not, Polish studio Whitemoon Games launched Broken Ranks a year ago tomorrow, and the devs are celebrating in a recap post...

Blade & Soul celebrates seven years and the new year in latest update

Blade & Soul is throwing a party and you're invited. The game's latest update is hosting several celebratory events to mark the game's seventh...

Blade & Soul details the celebratory events arriving with its January 11 update

Blade & Soul is in a very celebratory mood with its upcoming January 11th patch, marking the game's seventh anniversary and the start of...

Asheron’s Call rogue servers add playable Olthoi from the MMO’s 11th anniversary

One of Asheron's Call's most iconic entries in its fantasy bestiary is now playable (again). AsheronDB is reporting that ACE-compatible rogue servers added back...
You guys got... paid?

Lineage2M celebrates its one-year anniversary with a new crossbow class and a new dungeon arena

It's been a year since Lineage2M launched on mobile devices, and the game is celebrating that launch with a content patch. What better way...

Dark Age of Camelot runs catch-up leveling event, marks 21st anniversary

If you're the type that believes that Dark Age of Camelot's real fun and realm-vs.-realm participation starts at max level, then you're going to...

World of Warcraft Retail throws an 18th anniversary bash full of returning foes and new quests

This week marks the 18th anniversary for World of Warcraft, which naturally means that there's going to be a celebration that marks the milestone...
Sort of?

Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning turns on double XP for a birthday weekend bash

This Sunday will mark 14 years following the initial release of Warhammer Online. Now, those of you with some awareness of history will remember...