This past weekend saw New World hit its highest player concurrency all year


Last week, as we saw New World’s concurrency creeping up and up and up, we suspected that it would not only blow past the 69K concurrency peak the game saw with Brimstone Sands but also the 119K peak we saw on the November 2nd fresh start server. As the weekend spread out before us, that’s exactly what happened.

The MMO hit 124K on Saturday and 137K on Sunday. While that can’t quite top the absurdly huge 913K launch peak in October 2021, it comes damn close to where the game was sitting last December (145K), albeit with fewer players on average (and we’re sure dropping the game to $20 through tomorrow didn’t hurt either). It’s also the highest peak concurrency the game has seen at all in 2022.

As of Monday morning, quite a lot of servers – 26 – are still flagged “full” and not available for new creation; my family even saw a queue this weekend on a low-pop non-free-start server, suggesting overloaded newbie areas or login servers or both.

Will it last, and will it be enough to sustain New World into the future? That, of course, is the key question, as we haven’t gotten a hard roadmap for the game’s next steps (beyond teases during the anniversary stream). Amazon also hasn’t actually addressed the state of the servers over the last week beyond adding a crapton of new ones. “The team will be keeping an eye out on each world’s health and if we decide to make a big change, we’ll announce it,” the mods soothed players on Friday.

Source: SteamCharts
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