new world

Official Site: New World
Studio: Amazon Game Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: MMORPG Sandbox
Business Model: Unknown
Platform: PC

New World grants a close look at Season of the Guardian’s gamepad features

How does New World work when using a gamepad as a control input? Well, you can either wait for the Season of the Guardian...

New World devs on PTR testing, Slayer Script, artifacts, and ‘player vs door’ combat

New World's upcoming Season of the Guardian is already in the hands of players in the MMO's public test realm, and feedback has been...

Not So Massively: Last Epoch is a potential gem in dire need of polishing

Originally Kickstarted in 2018, Last Epoch has been in early access on Steam for about five years, but the developers at Eleventh Hour Games...

New World talks cooking, PvP metrics, and Amazon’s ‘correction of errors’ for season 5

So, who's hungry?! You, hopefully, and if not, you will be by the time you make it through the newest New World dev blogs...
This is not what Ringo was singing about.

New World offers players guidance on how to navigate the Garden of Genesis

The Garden of Genesis is not, as a rule, a place for New World players to have a pleasant and relaxing stroll. It is...

Ultima Online plans a New Legacy beta by summer ahead of the launch this fall

So, where is the long-delayed Ultima Online New Legacy? We actually have something of an answer for you this time: Broadsword says it's aiming...

New World’s latest video teases the final leg of the MMO’s main story quest revamp

New World's latest Forged in Aeternum video is laser-focused on - you guessed it - Season of the Guardian, specifically one of the major...

New World’s new ‘Slayer Script’ should help Amazon better manage combat and animations

Even if you're not interested in New World's season content, raid, and main story quest revamp, then... well, then you're probably not reading this...

New World details its upcoming Slayer Script backend tech that seeks to improve combat performance

Slayer Script might sound like someone's created character in a cyberpunk RPG, but it's not; it's the pet name Amazon Games is giving the...

New World deep-dives Season of the Guardian’s cooking profession streamlining

New World is adding a lot of things when the Season of the Guardian begins on March 12th, and one of those things is...

New World begins PTR testing of Season of the Guardian and its cooking overhaul today

It's PTR day over in Amazon's New World, as Season of the Guardian - or some of it, anyway - reaches players' test clients...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 457: Sailing into February with cannons blazing

Justin and Bree discuss Skull & Bones, FFXIV on Xbox, WoW Classic, New World, and Nightingale, with adventures in LOTRO, Elder Scrolls Online, and City of Heroes, plus mailbag topics on day and night cycles and getting out of MMO gaming ruts.

New World’s Season of the Guardian teases new trial, cooking revamp, animation buffs, and OPR mounts

Amazon has taken the veil off New World's Season of the Guardian this afternoon, and it sounds as if it'll have a little bit...

New World’s 4.0.4 update lands today with cross-world expeditions

Happy launch day to New World's 4.0.4 patch - let's not take that number as any kind of sign - as the cross-world expeditions...

New World details its cross-world expedition group finder, finally launching February 7

New World players have been waiting longer than expected for the cross-world expedition group finder, as it was originally meant to launch last year...

The Soapbox: Casuals and soloers need challenging MMO content too

In a recent press Q&A around the announcement of Elder Scrolls Online's Gold Road chapter, Zenimax creative director Rich Lambert appeared to dismiss the...
Oh look, quick development.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery’s next phase includes Gnomeregan raid, but no more GDKP runs

The next phase for WoW Classic's Season of Discovery servers is imminent, and Blizzard is sharing some -- but not all -- of the...

New World’s Year of the Dragon mini event rings in Lunar New Year starting February 7

Amazon's latest New World dev blog and video is going ham on a holiday that is slowly but surely taking over the MMORPG festival...

Interview: Survival MMO Age of Water on monetization, sandbox play, and the Q1 early access launch

Way back at the end of 2020, we first caught wind of a new sandbox called Age of Water: Developed by Three Whales Studio...

New World’s loot biasing was meant to reduce bad feelings’ over RNG

How many times have events in MMOs caused you to drop to your knees, shake your fists at the sky, and curse your RNG...