new world

Official Site: New World
Studio: Amazon Game Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: MMORPG Sandbox
Business Model: Unknown
Platform: PC


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New World begins testing musical instruments and Barnacles & Black Powder expedition

As promised, New World's public test realm opens up today at 1 p.m. EDT, setting up chunks of the game's next update for player...

New World recorded crowds at real sporting events for its arena soundtrack

When Amazon launched New World last year, one of the facets of the MMO that impressed many of us here at MOP was the...

New World continues balancing and boosting PvP rewards

If you read our Fight or Kite column earlier this week, you know that New World's 3v3 arenas haven't been the major win for...

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Fight or Kite: New World’s 3v3 arenas are unplayable if you’re not already level-capped

We’re only about two and half weeks removed from the launch of 3v3 arenas in New World. This was a feature I was extremely...

Massively Overthinking: ‘Every MMO inconvenience is someone else’s game’

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New World talks tuning orbs, perk and loot changes, and the July PTR

Amazon just dropped a brand-new video all about what New World players can expect from the July update - and beyond. Notably, Scot Lane and...

New World buffs arena XP and continues to waffle on a dungeon finder

It's a new day -- and a new patch for New World. This week's Update 1.5.2 arrived to significantly bump up PvP arena XP...

New World readies a double weapon XP event while player counts drop

Is your weapon training lagging behind where it should be in New World? Amazon hears you, and Amazon is prepping a four-day event to...

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New World’s latest patch buffs PvP experience, coin, and salt rewards

Last night, Amazon dropped another smallish patch for New World fans. The most interesting bit is actually an upgrade to last week's PvP release,...

New World’s 3v3 arenas update is live, along with preferred character pronouns in chat

As promised, New World's arenas are live today in the game's May patch, with the new small-group PvP mode, as well as an updated...

New World deep-dives its 3v3 arenas in new dev blog

Amazon dropped a new dev blog for New World players last night - that is, New World PvP players, as it's all about the...

New World advances the story, banks big on PvP arena combat

What a difference a year makes. While New World was the talk of the town back in 2021, nowadays it's having to fight hard...

New World explains the design and development of mutators

Amazon's banking big on Mutators -- special mob modifiers that change an NPC's behavior and resistances -- being a significant tool to continued player...

Fight or Kite: New World’s PvP is a failure for casual gamers

It's been a little over half a year since New World officially launched, and in that time we’ve seen a fair number of changes...

New World applies some general fixes and nerfs a great axe perk in latest patch

We've got some bad news for New World players who were all in on the great axe's Gravity Well perk: As of the game's...