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Star Wars Galaxies Legends teases ships, city structures, and Jedi Themepark Part 2

Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends has dropped its spring newsletter, with a few teases about the future of the game - in...

New World’s Springtide Bloom event returns April 17 with some gorgeous new rewards

If the pollen is trying to murder you the way it's trying to murder me right now, you're best off getting your springtime cheer...

Cozy MMO Sky Children of the Light launches F2P early access on Steam today

Thatgamecompany's five-year-old Sky: Children of the Light officially debuts on PC today, one of the rare few multiplayer titles these days that seems to...

Perfect Ten: MMOs that earned a notorious reputation

Nobody wants a bad reputation. I mean, you can't make everyone everywhere approve of you, but you also don't have to go out of...

League of Legends discusses arena mode, gameplay changes, and a PvE ‘bullet heaven’ mode

Change is a-comin' for several portions of League of Legends, as several devs from Riot Games have come together across multiple blogs and one...

Mythic vets at Loric Games unveil Echoes of Elysium, a new co-op skyship survival sandbox

Way back in 2022, we first caught wind of Loric Games, a new studio founded by Mythic vets Rob Denton, Brian Johnson, and Ray...

One Shots: Infinity pool of Tamriel

Bree's steamy overdose of hot tubs last week drew out one commenter to share another cool-looking pool in an MMO. If you thought infinity...

LOTRO Legendarium: Lord of the Rings Online’s Corsairs of Umbar is a vacation into the unknown

Those of you who follow this column know that I'm never in a particular rush to plow through Lord of the Rings Online expansions...

Ankama launches DOFUS Touch on mobile as Waven adds new chapters and Wakfu rolls back a server

Ankama's MMOs have been busy this week: To start with, the French company has launched - actually, relaunched - DOFUS Touch on mobile, both...

Neverwinter announces Adventures in Wildspace, its 28th module, launching April 23

If you watched Cryptic's stream last month or even just caught our recap, you already know that the Neverwinter team has been hard at...

Greg ‘Ghostcrawler’ Street’s Fantastic Pixel Castle delivers a prototype peek of Project Ghost

It may not have an official name yet, but Fantastic Pixel Castle's Ghost has a face of sorts. This week, the Greg Street-run studio...

Conan Exiles’ Age of War Chapter 4 is live today with a new event, fatalities, and the updated battle pass

Conan Exiles' Age of War is coming to a close today with the release of Age of War Chapter 4. The update, live now...

Pax Dei previews the ‘minimum viable product’ of its next alpha build’s PvP area

Pax Dei's latest alpha two preview blog would like to set some expectations regarding the FFA PvP zone of Lyonesse that will be open...

Working As Intended: The top 10 hot tubs in MMORPGs

It's been a running joke for a few years that I always put hot tubs in my MMO houses whenever possible, and once that...

The Daily Grind: Introducing our sponsor, Swords of Tales of Legends of Reigns of Epics of Sagas of Rhymes of Lyrics of Elflandia

Heya, folks, we're trying something just a little different this April, and we hope you'll be on board for it. Traditionally, we've avoided any...

One Shots: Pollen attack!

There are many ways to kill a man. A dagger in the back. A sifter full of poison. A smothering pillow. A duel at...

Ships at Sea is a new multiplayer maritime ship sim, setting sail for early access in May

Here's a new title I've never heard of, and it turns out it's for a reasonable reason: It's called Ships at Sea, and it's...
I asked Bree if we could have Night Elves and she said we have Night Elves at home.

Tarisland looks at the Misty Forest in its latest map preview

Full marks to the Elves of Tarisland, they live in a place called the Misty Forest. That's it. Most Elves, they'd be calling the...

New World’s buffed cross-world expeditions LFG helped players suck less at Empyrean Forge (nice)

If you're recovered from this week's Forged in Aeternum video, in which New World's devs explained that they still can't tell you what exactly...

No Man’s Sky launches Orbital update with major upgrades for space stations

Whenever Hello Games starts sticking little cutesy icons in its tweets, you know a No Man's Sky launch is imminent, so Monday's little start...