Fantastic Pixel Castle’s Project Ghost is still years out, but plans public playtest for ‘fairly soon’


Fantastic Pixel Castle announced that Project Ghost recently crossed its second prototype milestone, with the first happening back in April, and the studio is celebrating with an informative blog post about the in-development MMO.

According to the studio, the second milestone included functional “foundational combat,” three distinct classes, hard boss battles, a working inventory, biome concepts, and loot tables. However, the “dead-eyed” ponies have not been fixed; the studio took them out to “un-curse them.”

“Fourteen people taking on a boss battle? This feels like a proper raid!” Fantastic Pixel Castle’s dev enthused. “I mean, except for the unfinished graphics. And the boss only has simple mechanics. And there aren’t any cute clothing drops. And we don’t have a sick boss music track. YET.”

The good news is that the team behind Project Ghost wants to start public playtesting “fairly soon” around milestone three in the form of “small, extremely pre-alpha” tests. The bad news is that the MMO is still a ways in coming, as the studio said the launch is “likely not for a few years.” To take some of the sting out of that wait, here are some of the newly released work-in-progress screenshots and concept art pieces:

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