Lost Ark explains the June patch’s delay, removes P2W statted cosmetics from update

Though Amazon has delayed Lost Ark's summer patch - to the very last day of June - that hasn't put a damper on the...

Massively Overthinking: The second big five MMOs

So here in the MMORPG genre, we've been working under the assumption for the last few years that the "big five" MMOs that dominate...

Conan Exiles provides a closer look at Age of Sorcery’s overhaul of building

One of the primary goals to shoot for in Conan Exiles is building yourself an absolutely swanky house. After all, where else are you...

WoW Classic begins Wrath beta, defends #SomeChanges design philosophy

Are you ready to return to the Northrend of your fathers? Or at least of "you but about 12 years ago?" Beta testing for...

Guild Wars 2 previews better strike mission rewards, class tweaks, and a new system for raid accessibility

ArenaNet just dropped a fresh studio update and a state of the game blog for Guild Wars 2, featuring check-ins from Game Director Josh...

New World recorded crowds at real sporting events for its arena soundtrack

When Amazon launched New World last year, one of the facets of the MMO that impressed many of us here at MOP was the...

Interview: ArcheAge’s Ham Young Jin on the Great Prairie, the western build, and beyond

ArcheAge is on the cusp of a big update this week as the Great Prairie releases on June 23rd, bringing with it a huge...

Temtem outlines PvP updates, its final archipelago, a new breeder route, and monetization

Last week, Temtem ran what it called "Golden Week" - a series of dev blogs that would outline a variety of changes made to...

V Rising hits 2M copies sold, discusses its atmospheric music

Survival sandbox V Rising continues to see its star climb, as Stunlock Studios announced this afternoon that it's now sold 2M copies during its...
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Lost Ark accidentally puts a cash shop bundle on sale – then promptly removes it

Evidently, there was a bundle on sale in the cash shop of Lost Ark that was never meant to be. The so-called Punika Growth...

Massively Overthinking: Which classic MMOs hold up the best visually in 2022?

As one of our resident fans of old MMOs, I always have to clarify that it's the systems and ideas in old games that...

Guild Wars 2 discuss the development of Marjory and Kasmeer in honor of Pride

Guild Wars 2 has a stellar track record when it comes to narrative and representation, so it only makes sense that to commemorate Pride...

MMO sandbox BitCraft picks up another $22M in funding round led by Roblox CEO

Just a few weeks ago, we did a check-in on BitCraft, the procedurally generated sandbox MMORPG from Clockwork Labs. The game's been notable thanks...
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Temtem previews changes to campaign progression and Luma Tems made in its launch build

With Temtem slowly making its way to its 1.0 release on Saturday, September 6th, the devs at Crema have elected to kick off what...

How a typo snowballed into the creation of a Guild Wars 2 in-game romance novelist

Inspiration can strike anywhere. A random thought, a vague plan, or maybe even a twist of fate can sometimes transform into a new character...

Nightingale offers another gameplay trailer with additional realm card mechanics commentary

It's not quite a rerun, but it's certainly close. The multiplayer steampunky survivalbox Nightingale has put out yet another gameplay trailer just off of...
Same old story, same old song and dance.

Global Chat: Hot takes from the MMO community on Diablo Immortal’s release

The latest iteration of the Diablo franchise is here with Diablo Immortal, but it doesn't seem to be stirring as much interest among the...

Massively Overthinking: ‘Every MMO inconvenience is someone else’s game’

A while back, someone in our comments (I can't find it again, so I can't remember who!) dug up a quote from Raph Koster...

Nightingale previews its realm card system and more at Summer Game Fest

At this afternoon's Summer Game Fest, Inflexion Games dropped a fresh trailer and mechanics preview for Nightingale, the steampunkish survival not-quite-an-MMO. It's accompanied by...

Fractured Online’s closed beta just got a major chat upgrade

Fractured Online is continuing along in its always-on closed beta with a fresh patch after maintenance today. At the heart of this update is......