Perfect Ten: 10 Final Fantasy XIV musical tracks that absolutely slap

Everyone knows that people who play Final Fantasy XIV will not shut up about the game's music. This includes me. I will not shut...

Riot Games and Lil Nas X release music video for the League of Legends Worlds 2022 anthem Star Walkin’

The "president of League" and superstar rapper Lil Nas X has delivered on one of the promised portions of his collaboration with League of...

ArcheAge adds new seasonal reward track, runs a defense raid event

Kakao pushed out kitchen sink-style patches for the two versions of ArcheAge this week. Both received roughly the same adjustments, as the studio is...

Classic Tibia is getting sound for the first time in 25 years

One of the oldest MMORPGs around is finally getting a voice - in the form of sound, that is. The devs behind Classic MMO...

Blade & Soul teases in-game musical instrument in 10th anniversary video

Blade & Soul is celebrating 10 years in operation in its native South Korea with a special video, and while that might not sound...
It's not nothing!

Massively Overthinking: Have you ever returned to an old MMO and fallen in love?

Earlier this month, MOP's Eliot penned a WoW Factor that doesn't quote but certainly does evoke the ol' Heraclitus quote about how you cannot...

The MOP Up: New World and Book of Travels put out fresh soundtracks

MMO music lovers -- we crazy few -- have a couple new albums to explore this month. Well, the New World soundtrack has been...

Monsters & Memories expands its team to include a new animator and programmer

For those cheering on the extremely indie Monsters & Memories, it's uplifting news to hear that the team expanded this month by two. In...
Fly free, too.

Battle Bards Episode 216: FFXIV Before Meteor

While Final Fantasy XIV players won’t shut up about A Realm Reborn, it’s not often you hear people speaking fondly of the original 1.0...

Rumor: Lady Gaga will be Fortnite’s next in-game concert performer

Live music and Fortnite are now two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly whether anyone agrees with it or not. Readers...

MapleStory’s latest update is all about pop stars, revamps, and quality of life improvements

MapleStory's newest update is called Rockin' Revamp and that name brings to mind some expectations - namely revamps and loud music. Looking through the...

Maplestory 2 announces a shutdown date for its Chinese server in November

Alas, poor Maplestory 2, you were cute and likable and then you got kicked to the curb after less than two years. We did...

Fractured Online releases live-action trailer ahead of its freebie weekend

Ahead of this weekend's Fractured Online free-play event, Gamigo and Dynamight Studios have dropped a live-action trailer following survivors of brutal demonic attacks training...

Lord of the Rings Online begins testing new class/race combos and major Minstrel rework

The next Lord of the Rings Online update may sound like music to players' ears -- or it may be a discordant jangle. That's...

Star Stable launches new charity initiative to counter negative ‘horse girl’ stereotypes

A few weeks back I joked on the MOP podcast that I'm a secret horse girl, and it's true in real life and in...

Perfect Ten: My memories from the 2004 World of Warcraft launch

Back in November of 2004, I was a wide-eyed 28-year-old bachelor who had just met his future wife and was generally leery about MMOs...
I'm purely decorative!

City of Heroes Homecoming’s Issue 27 Page 4 goes live with its new music-wielding powersets

The testing phase has ended, and the live update is now available for the Homecoming rogue server of City of Heroes. Issue 27 Page...

One Shots: Tower of Final Phantasy

When a popular game comes out, expect to see a whole bunch of pictures of it slathered across the One Shots comments section! That's...

Battle Bards Episode 215: Lineage W

Maybe you’ve never heard of Lineage W, a 2021 spin-off of NCsoft’s long-running franchise. But after today’s Battle Bards episode, you’ll have heard its...

Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak is an upcoming PC and mobile MMORPG featuring prominent Japanese talent

What's in a name? If you're the sort who is invested in major Japanese creators such as artist Yoshitaka Amano or the rock band...