Wayfinder aims to continue inventory and server improvements

Wayfinder's early access period got a major boost last week with the arrival of the online RPG's first big patch. Now that it's out...
Slightly disappointing context.

WoW Factor: MMO raid design and the antagonistic GM

Last week's column about World of Warcraft prompted some really interesting comments that I think are worth talking about; in fact, I very nearly...

The MOP Up: Palia releases its super-chill soundtrack

Feast your ear-tongues on these sound-pops: Palia's completely chill score is now available as a full 24-track album that you can listen to on...

Lord of the Rings Online readies a plus-sized pirate event for September with new stories and missions

Tuesday, September 19th is the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a cheeky internet holiday that's served as an inspiration for Lord of the...

SWGEmu celebrates Star Wars Galaxies’ 20th birthday year with a tribute video

Yes, Star Wars Galaxies celebrated its 20th anniversary back in June - we wrote all about it - but we like SWG 'round these...
Darky dark dark dark.

Battle Bards Episode 227: NCsounds

Syl and Syp return to the vast library of NCsoft’s MMO soundtracks, with games like Aion, Lineage, and Blade & Soul to keep our...

TennoCon 2023: The soul of Soulframe is healing, redemption, and cute critters

Last year's TennoCon introduced us to a tease of Digital Extreme's new upcoming game, Soulframe. Since then, MMO gamers - including me - have...

New World team promises a ‘deep dive’ on the expansion next week

You have questions for New World, questions that perhaps might be answered with the latest Forged in Aeternum Q&A video. Game Director Scot Lane,...

Fae Farm drums up launch hype with a PAX West appearance, community event, and launch trailer

Cozy life sim gaming fans are now less than two weeks away from the full release of Fae Farm, which naturally means that developer...

TennoCon 2023: Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls adds new narrative, hub, and Tenno ‘skin’

What is TennoCon but the opportunity to debut something big for Warframe? Every year Digital Extremes introduces players to new and exciting content that's...

TennoCon 2023: Warframe 1999’s trailer goes back to the future

As with every TennoCon, Digital Extremes likes to tease players with a little blast of what will be featured at the next con. Of...

The MOP Up: RuneScape’s community is ‘smashing’ that Necromancy skill

Jagex said that Necromancy has proven to be a huge hit in RuneScape, with the community taking to this new skill line like a...

One Shots: The flute that launched an MMO empire

Who would have ever thought that a little girl skipping around looking for her musical instrument would be the gateway to a long-running beloved...

TennoCon 2023: At-a-glance TennoLive reveals for Warframe, Soulframe

TennoCon is always exciting with a number of things to do, but the highlight is always TennoLive, the big reveals that  happen live on...
Everybody dies.

WoW Factor: So what is Mike Ybarra teasing for the future of World of Warcraft?

As we are all waiting for Twitter to finish imploding under its current ownership (because nothing is more fun than rich idiots buying things...

Palia announces its first big open beta event, Maji Market, starting next week

Palia's open beta is about to get its first month-long event in the form of the Maji Market, Singularity 6 announced today. "From August 29...

First Impressions: Hands-on with Fae Farm’s delightfully strong opening chapters

I suspect that many readers are familiar with the moment when a game has you so completely engrossed that you forget to look up...

Hamilton Simulator lets Roblox players defeat the British with official songs from the musical

If anyone had "popular musical Hamilton officially claps hands with Roblox" on their bingo card, mark off a space now because that's literally what...

Megadeth headlines Wargaming’s multi-MMO Metal Fest later this month

Is there an MMO more metal than World of Tanks? I mean, kinda by definition, right? Well, maybe that explains Wargaming's decision to run...

Dungeons and Dragons Online previews Vecna Unleashed patch notes ahead of August 16 release

The Vecna Unleashed expansion for Dungeons and Dragons Online isn't due until Wednesday, August 16th (even if pre-orders have been open since July), but...