New Turkish MMO Quinfall says it won’t seek player money before launch

On Monday, we inadvertently set off a bit of a firestorm by reporting on new Turkish MMORPG The Quinfall, which studio Vawraek Technology said...

EVE Online casts a spotlight on the Uprising update’s sound design and musical score

Are you an EVE Online player who has been enjoying the ear candy introduced by the Uprising update? Would you like to learn more?...

Quinfall claims it’ll be ‘the biggest MMORPG universe in the world’

Don't look now, but there's a brand-new player on the MMORPG board. Welcome Turkey-based Vawraek Technology, which was founded in 2021 and is apparently...

Blade & Soul further reduces 2023 content plans in new producer letter

Blade & Soul is ending its January with a producer letter that offers fans several teases for the year ahead. One of them is...
Game for sale!

World of Warcraft posts a hype trailer for the Trading Post opening on February 1st

Are you sufficiently hype for getting new cosmetic rewards in World of Warcraft via the upcoming Trading Post? It might seem a little odd...

Temtem’s latest update addresses Switch performance and camera-induced motion sickness

Temtem's latest update - the 1.2.1 release that rolled out yesterday - was meant to improve performance and nuke crashing for Switch players. But...

‘Throwback’ MMO Monsters & Memories refreshes ongoing playtest with new content

We've been covering the progress of Monsters & Memories for almost two years now. Back in 2021, it was still known as Project N,...

Genshin Impact’s Exquisite Night Chimes update arrives next week

In the midst of the darkest days of winter, Genshin Impact is bringing a burst of content sunshine with a huge content update next...

Mad World pads the time before its 2023 launch with loads of videos and armor previews

What is happening over at Mad World developer Jandisoft? It's hard to tell, as the things coming out of the studio appear to be...

The Game Archaeologist: PlaneShift, the poster child of open-source MMOs

As the character creation screen fades out, a dark vista fades into being. The fledgling adventurer looks around at dim shapes and sinister movements...

The definitive 2022 Battle Bards episode guide

One of the side projects I work on every month is Battle Bards, the world's first, best, and (weirdly) only music podcast. It's a...

The Daily Grind: What MMO theme music gets you pumped to log in?

The other day I was watching a retrospective video on Star Wars Galaxies, and the host was saying how he had a hard time...
Looking out.

Vague Patch Notes: Loving an MMO isn’t the same as having a personality

There's a story that's always stuck with me, relayed by the now-vanished blog Websnark back in the day, so forgive me if I get...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of LOTRO’s Before the Shadow soundtrack

Ever since taking over the reins of Lord of the Rings Online's soundtrack, Composer Bill Champagne has grown in leaps and bounds in his...

Jukebox Heroes: Looting plenty of MMO holiday music to cheer your soul

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from us here at Jukebox Heroes! Well, it's me and the pizza delivery guy that I trapped in the...

Battle Bards Episode 220: Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons

Whether or not you like dragons, you have to admit that Guild Wars 2 certainly ended them in style! Join Syl and Syp as...

Final Fantasy XIV prepares for its Live Letter on Friday and a symphonic album sale next year

If you can't wait for more information regarding Final Fantasy XIV's next patch, you won't have to wait much longer; the game's next live...

MultiVersus kicks off a snowball-filled winter event, adds a Game of Thrones map

It's time to get festive and seasonal in MultiVersus as the latest open beta patch continues to roll out the online brawler's second season...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Starlight and reigning in a rideable reindeer in Final Fantasy XIV

Pretty music is overhead, snowflakes are in the air, and the promise of a big reindeer mount whispers in the wintry wind. It's the...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of WoW Dragonflight’s soundtrack

It's been a good while since I've done a Jukebox Heroes, mostly for the reason that I took most of the year off from...