Fippyfest 2024: EverQuest and EverQuest II reveal 2024 expansions, Anashti Sul Origins progression server opens June 19


The celebration of all things EverQuest and EverQuest II that is Fippy Fest 2024 has come to a close, but not without a gaggle of reveals during the opening hour of its livestream, including information about both games’ next expansions and the opening of EQII’s next progression server.

We’ll begin with the server opening, Anashti Sul, which was first announced in early April and later elaborated on in a later follow-up: Anashti Sul, otherwise referred to as an Origins server, is kickin’ it old school circa 2006, with a major focus on grouping, no spell research, no Krono, no weight, no holiday events, no free trade, no persistent instances, no tradeskill subcombines, and only a limited marketplace. Fans who are looking for this most classic of EQII experiences can hop in on Wednesday, June 19th.

As for expansions, EQ1’s 31st expack is called The Outer Brood, while EQII’s expansion is The Scars of Destruction.

As one might suspect, The Outer Brood will have something to do with dragons according to a tease from the devs, with a look at a new dragon NPC – the game’s biggest yet – that’s most interestingly not from Norrath. As for Scars of Destruction, there’s a bit less information on offer here beyond confirmation of a continuation from Scars of Velious and a reference to some differences to the Western Wastes. Beyond that, players will have to wait for a prelude event due in August, which tasks them with helping a small band of healers and adventurers.

source: YouTube. Cheers, Leibnitz!
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