EverQuest II announces a new 2006-era progression server called Origins, hitting beta in May


The latest EverQuest II producer’s letter has arrived, and while the majority of it is recap of things you already knew about – like the PAX East panel and last week’s abruptly implemented new forums – there’s actually a bit of new from Jenn Chan too.

For starters, Chan relays that the $1500 VIP tickets for this summer’s in-person Fippyfest event “nearly are half gone.” She says Daybreak will be cutting off sales on April 21st if they don’t sell out first, so if you’re still mulling it over, you’ve less than three weeks to decide. (It’d be tempting to assume this is just Daybreak trying to heap some FOMO pressure on, but we suspect it’s more likely they just need a headcount to get the swag orders locked in.)

She also puts a name to GU 125, currently on the beta server: Darkpaw Rising. “In Darkpaw Rising, you will enter an underground cavern full of gnolls and discover the Splitpaw and Sabertooth clans have united under the Darkpaw banner,” Chan explains. “You will not need to own the last expansion to play this Game Update! This game update has Tradeskill content, adventure, quests, collections for all characters of at least level 10. This is also the optimal time to make sure that Direct X works well on your PC. The Beta on Darkpaw Rising and Direct X 11 ends on April 9, when they will both go Live!”

Lastly and maybe most importantly, Chan announces the game’s upcoming time-locked progression server: Origins.

“When last I spoke of it, I explained it is not like any TLE’s before it, and now I will explain why. This new server will be called the Origins Server, and it will take you way back to old school EverQuest II from back in 2006! We’ll start in The Shattered Lands era (no expansions unlocked), and you’ll get to experience the look and challenge of the classic world of Norrath. The seas have calmed enough for sea faring to resume, and you are plucked from the waters by none other than Captain Varlos. Soon you will find yourself on an island and then given passage to your racial neighborhoods in Qeynos or Freeport. Systems will seem less complex, stats and gameplay will be reflective of the 2006 era, and there will be more focus on grouping with that old school MMO feel! If you did not have the chance to play back then, or just want to revisit for nostalgia, then this server will be on your list to play. Beta will begin on May 2, 2024.”

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