Daybreak’s EverQuest II is archiving its old forums in favor of a new forum system – today


We sure hope you didn’t have any important business to conduct on the EverQuest II forums today as they’re undergoing major surgery. Today. Daybreak announced the “upgrade” last night, explaining that it’s essentially moving the community to new forums and archiving the old.

“It is time for us to upgrade our forums to the latest iteration,” the studio says. “There is so much history and knowledge in these forums that we do not want it to be lost. Therefore, these forums will become Read-Only for the foreseeable future. You will still be able to search content, read all the public threads, and copy/paste anything important to you from these forums over to the new ones. The only thing you will need to do is to venture over, login and start posting! Upgrading was a necessity, as these forums are antiquated and no longer supported for updates. The forum we are moving to is new and shiny and will be supported for all security updates and fancy new things coming up. We will have more options, which will allow us to do things these forums restrict, such as adding a Dislike button, allowing staff to create polls, and adding in the class skill forums we discussed last year!”

Usernames and account creation dates are all that will be carried over to the new system. Downtime begins at 11 a.m. EST and is expected to last through 3 p.m. EST.

Readers will recall that Daybreak-owned Standing Stone Games made a similar forum move for Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online forums back in 2023; that actually went pretty well, though players had heaps of warning for those moves instead of just one night.

Incidentally, this morning EverQuest II players were having a laugh about the impending “dislike” button.

Classic EverQuest hasn’t announced a forum upgrade, but it was using the same software as EQII, so we can probably assume it’ll happen eventually. Forum upgrades were not on either roadmap for 2024, however.

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