EverQuest and EverQuest II’s 2024 roadmaps herald expansions and anniversary hullabaloo

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MMORPG players might wonder why a website that questioned why EverQuest II was getting a 19th expansion and referred to it as “unexpected, and kind of weird, because who knew [it was] still running in the first place” would seem a great place to launch exclusive EverQuest franchise content, but nevertheless, Daybreak has plopped roadmaps for EverQuest and EverQuest II on PC Gamer this week.

Both games are celebrating anniversaries this year under the “year of Darkpaw” banner – EverQuest its 25th birthday, EverQuest II its 20th – so both roadmaps are stuffed with monthly events hewing to the celebration, though it’s all a bit light on details.

Most notably, EverQuest will see new anniversary content in March, a possible server merge in July, and its 31st expansion in December following beta in October.

EverQuest II is looking at GU125 in April, a new TLE server in the late spring, GU126 in August, and a November expansion following the October beta, in addition to its own anniversary festivities in November.

EverQuest’s layout here honestly seems a little thin compared to EverQuest II’s, but it’s helped significantly by a fresh post on the official site that introduces the anniversary tower in North Desert of Ro, along with patch notes.

“As you are traveling through the North Desert of Ro, you spot a tower floating in the sky. As you get near it, you see a glowing platform. Dare you climb onto it? Where can it possibly lead? You step onto the pad and find yourself inside the tower, being greeted by a lovely merchant maiden named Miacallie Herlsas. She invites you to view her wares but informs you that until you have gone through the trials and perils of the tower and defeated that which needs defeating, you might not afford or even see much in her shop. You explore and find that the anniversary tower features 11 floors, resplendent with artwork from around Norrath. Getting in the locked doors within the tower is rather tricky and can only be done once a key for the door is obtained through the completion of its Tower Trial. These Trials will send you places across Norrath, so be sure you have on your traveling boots.”

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