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Vague Patch Notes: How widespread free-to-play impacted MMORPGs

In 2009, Dungeons & Dragons Online went free-to-play, which was a pretty big deal at the time. It was especially important to me, since...

DC Universe Online’s Brainiac Returns Aftershock is set to go live today

Hey hey DC Universe Online fans, Daybreak is packing a punch with its update today. "We're expanding the world of the latest Episode expansion...

DC Universe Online shares details of upcoming events, Xbox X|S release progress, and Episode 48

The immediate future of DC Universe Online appears to be pretty busy according to the MMORPG's latest producer's letter, which provides fans several looks...

EverQuest II’s Varsoon progression server will see extra expansions and content through May 2025

The problem with any progression server is that, sooner or later, the progression will hit a stopping point and that server will close. It's...

Lord of the Rings Online announces surprise August instance and dates for next crafting events

Lord of the Rings Online surprised fans by announcing on its Friday devstream that a new instance is in the works for next month....

The MOP Up: Marvel Snap goes maximum effort with this month’s Deadpool season

Deadpool's taken over Marvel Snap (just in time for his new movie) and is bringing a new game mode, several new cards (including Gwenpool),...
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Massively Overthinking: How often do you play human MMO characters when you have other choices?

I've been thinking about this question a bit lately, partly owing to Stars Reach and partly to Project Gorgon. Playable Worlds says Stars Reach...

Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online are finally getting official Discords

Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online both have community-led Discord channels where players and developers hang out, but Standing Stone...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 475: The Legend of Ralph Lobster

Justin and Bree discuss Raph Koster's Stars Reach, Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail, Daybreak's purchase of Singularity 6 and Palia, Nexon's The First Descendant, and Guild Wars 2's housing, with a mailbag topic on the legend of Ralph Lobster.

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration rogue server confirms leak that it’s considering subscription benefits

Uncertainty has enfolded Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Restoration III, as a player senator leaked financial plans from the team that suggest the...

EverQuest II producer’s letter sheds light on August’s Immeasurable Menagerie update

You know, we've got to give Daybreak some credit for really upping the profile of the EverQuest games this past year. Case in point,...

SWG Legends rogue server devs say Jedi Themepark part 2 is ‘getting closer and closer’

If you've been wanting a good reason to jump into Star Wars Galaxies Legends to see what the fuss about this 21-year-old MMORPG is,...
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Vague Patch Notes: The stuff that has me excited about Stars Reach

Raph Koster is a smart guy. Not just an experienced one (he's that, too), but a smart one. The man knows his stuff front...

DC Universe Online rolls out Aquaman-themed Tides of War event for the summer

Daybreak's DC Universe Online's servers were offline a bit yesterday, but only for good things, as the Tides of War summer event and concomitant...

EverQuest’s continuing 2024 roadmap teases The Outer Brood expansion and a server merge

"The Year of Darkpaw has passed the halfway mark and is still going strong!" Daybreak's Jenn Chan says in her latest EverQuest producer's letter,...

Perfect Ten: 10 more MMOs you’ve already forgotten ever existed, from Elyon to Defiance

Last year, I assembled a list of 10 former MMOs that not only have ceased to exist but have ceased to be remembered (for...

The Game Archaeologist: World of Warcraft in the 1990s

MMORPGs don't pop out of nowhere, ex nihilo, to suddenly be enjoyed by players across the globe. Good ones take several years, dozens of...

The Daily Grind: How many players constitute a proper MMORPG raid?

Back when Amazon first announced its New World Aeternum rebranding, I noticed an interesting comment about the planned raid. Longtime reader Squid opined that...

Daybreak bought Palia studio Singularity 6 and aims to bring the game to launch

File this one under "did not see this coming in a million years but also not sad about it whatsoever": Daybreak has acquired Palia...

One Shots: Dawntrail, ho!

Memories of a brutal 48-hour downtime for Final Fantasy XIV are fading into distant memory as the playerbase basks on the shores of Dawntrail....