The Elder Scrolls Online updates its 2024 roadmap as its 10th anniversary rolls on

ZeniMax Online Studios is understandably making the 10th anniversary of Elder Scrolls Online a memorable one. Hot on the heels of a March celebration...

Chronicles of Elyria shifts development roadmap of its six different pieces based on feedback

Back in January, Chronicles of Elyria began an alpha test of a feedback form, then started to process some of that form's responses a...

Lost Ark debuts new video series, talks upcoming Thaemine hard mode and clear race

Amazon is clearly taking a new tack with comms on its MMORPGs, as New World's new video series Eye on Aeternum has now been...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 464: Guild Wars 3 is a go

Justin and Bree discuss NCsoft, Guild Wars 3, DCUO, Monsters and Memories, Hellgate, and the LOTRO downtime, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, SWTOR, and Valheim, plus a mailbag topic on Palia.

Monster & Memories has only cost $70K to date – from the devs’ pockets

In addition to providing a roadmap to early access in 2026 and beyond, retro-themed Monsters & Memories candidly discussed how much money it's cost...

Monsters and Memories hopes to launch into early access by the start of 2026

Does it help or hurt to know that a wishlisted game now has a release date -- and that this date is still almost...

Embers Adrift plots more solo content, additional bosses, new areas, and more in latest roadmap

What's the state of Embers Adrift? One with lots and lots of plans, according to an address from executive producer John Gust, which features...

‘Realtime action-based MMORPG’ Quest Master’s Realm confirms early access launch March 29

Over the past year or so we've been keeping eyes on Quest Master's Realm, an indie "realtime action-based MMORPG aboard the shell of...

Diablo IV spruces up its looks, Diablo Immortal drops its first 2024 update, and Hearthstone updates its core set

Blizzard's being quite the busy little bee this week, so let's check in with the studio's multiplayer titles to see what's happening lately. Diablo Immortal...

Daybreak’s DC Universe Online launches native PS5 version, picks up ex-Cryptic devs, drops huge 2024 roadmap

If you cast your mind back to early February, you might recall that Daybreak parent company EG7 specifically called out DC Universe Online studio...

Daybreak’s EverQuest II is archiving its old forums in favor of a new forum system – today

We sure hope you didn't have any important business to conduct on the EverQuest II forums today as they're undergoing major surgery. Today. Daybreak...

Vitae Aeternum: Analyzing New World’s ‘content drought,’ comms chaos, and lack of a 2024 expansion

The always cantankerous New World community is in even more of an uproar than usual lately. Go to any of its social media, and...

Diablo Immortal’s 2024 roadmap promises new class, new zone, and several gameplay updates

What does the road ahead look like for Diablo Immortal? Why don't you read a map, pal? A roadmap. Here, we'll even give you...

Everything we learned about the future of Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, & Champions Online from Cryptic’s stream

The knowledge that Cryptic's MMOs have been shunted off to a tiny European corner of the Embracer empire is not news to the MMO...

Palia is expanding its flowers, trees, and plants system with its next patch

As we lumber on toward Palia's Steam early access beta launch next week, Singularity 6 has a few more surprises in store, and no,...

Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff introduces weapon enhancing and treasure hunting in latest updates

The cubic and cutesy multiplayer RPG Swords 'n Magic and Stuff has been evolving a fair bit over the course of its early access...

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration rogue server is working on new races and the planet of Nar Shaddaa

One of the best parts of the Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG fandom is that we have so very many rogue servers to choose from,...

LOTRO addresses questions about server transfers, the instance finder, and level bloat

With Update 39 and the Spring Festival pushed to the servers this past week and a meetup at PAX East happening in the coming...

Enshrouded’s 2024 roadmap promises dungeons, farming, functioning chairs, biomes, and water

When it comes to adding updates to a survival sandbox (or any MMO/multiplayer game), it's generally a good idea to cast a wide net....

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts confirms development is moving to a full 1.0 release

Last week, one of the developers of Star Citizen made what looked like a passing few references to "SC 1.0" that seemed to suggest...