Embers Adrift is about halfway through its 2024 roadmap so far


Embers Adrift is riding high on the achievements of its late May content update, which added the mail system, five more quests, two dungeons, a raid, and puzzle tech.

In the latest state of the game report, the team recapped the patch and hinted at some story developments to come, saying, “In the last patch, High Philosopher Aloysius talked a little bit about the research they’ve been doing with Teleportation and Ember Monoliths. They continue to make progress and whispers are being spread about a possible monolith being built in the city, though given that the philosophers are not the Vehueramen it will likely operate a bit differently than the Ember Monoliths out in the world.”

The studio emphasized how it’s crossing off many of its 2024 roadmap goals. Some of the projects still in the works for this year include epic quests, fishing, a new tier of alchemy, better weather tech, and an unrevealed region.

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