saga of lucimia

Official Site: The Saga of Lucimia
Studio: Saga of Lucimia
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy sandbox
Business Model: N/A

Embers Adrift begins testing ‘content compression’ that seeks to address several gameplay issues

Does climbing up to a maximum of 50 levels in Embers Adrift fill you with a sense of dread? Would climbing up to 30...

Embers Adrift plots more solo content, additional bosses, new areas, and more in latest roadmap

What's the state of Embers Adrift? One with lots and lots of plans, according to an address from executive producer John Gust, which features...

Embers Adrift introduces new solo loops to ember veins and the ability to inspect players

Embers Adrift continues to fold in new things for solo players to do in the primarily group-centric MMORPG with its latest patch, which introduces...

The MOP Up: Co-op RPG Stolen Realm launches with ‘frictionless’ multiplayer

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Embers Adrift applies a hotfix and urges a push for ‘organic’ advertising of its new free trial

Free Embers Adrift! Get yer free Embers Adrift here! Last week the free trial became available for curious players, offering up unlimited access to...

Embers Adrift’s latest patch preps an unlimited free trial starting in March

While Embers Adrift most definitely is not the MMORPG for lone wolf players, Stormhaven Studios made some concessions for soloers with the February patch. The...

Embers Adrift’s latest dev stream discusses how the team is revamping item categorization

The weekly community livestreams from Embers Adrift are continuing to pour forth, and this week's episode is talking about items, or specifically the new...

The MOP Up: Fae Farm launches a free demo

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The Daily Grind: When was the last time an MMO studio truly impressed you?

Embers Adrift is probably never going to be my MMORPG, but damn I'm proud of Stormhaven Studios. Yes, I have a soft spot for...

Embers Adrift’s 2024 roadmap promises more solo support and a free trial coming this month

Embers Adrift's Stormhaven Studios is the latest MMO team to deliver a juicy roadmap - and it's promising "big steps" for the indie title,...

Embers Adrift adds more solo content and bulletin board system with its January update

So Embers Adrift has a bit of a situation. The game is very decidedly focused around having people group up and take on challenges...

The MOP Up: DDO’s Snowpeaks Festival returns

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Embers Adrift and Monsters & Memories devs come together to talk indie MMORPG devlopment

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The Daily Grind: What will be the next MMO to undergo a big business model shift?

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Massively Overthinking: The slowest and fastest combat in MMORPGs

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Choose My Adventure: All of the MMOs you made us play in 2023, from Guild Wars to Gorgon

Well here we are, my friends. It's always such a pleasure. Remember when your votes killed me twice? OK, maybe that's being overdramatic, but...

Embers Adrift drops its last update of the year, teases ‘radical changes’ in 2024

Embers Adrift dropped its last patch for 2023 with plenty of environment tweaks, gameplay adjustments, and UI fixes. But what's at the center of...

Embers Adrift talks up November content updates, promises a patch in December and 2024 roadmap soon

Usually retrospectives tend to look back at the entire year, but it looks as if Embers Adrift is mostly proud of November, as the...

Embers Adrift adds a new alpine zone, defends its decision to deploy quests without XP

Just days before the closing of the month, Embers Adrift pumped out its November patch with some hearty content to enjoy. A brand-new zone,...